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Pros: Gerogeous birds, Lay beautiful eggs, I love to show them, Friendly

Cons: None that I can think of

Ameraucanas are georgeous birds. My favorite variety are the blue, but i love them all (white, black, buff, wheaten, blue wheaten, brown red, silver and the un accepted colors too lavender and splash). The blue eggs they lay are so pretty too. Personally Ameraucanas are my favorite breed. The first chicken I ever had was an ameruacana. I love to show them. All of mine are docile, really cold hardy, friendly, and I have realized other people have said that they pick on their other brds, but I have never had that problem with them. Also it seems like a lot of people say theirs are skitish, maybe I have been lucky but all mine are as friendly as could be. And speaking of cold hardy, I live in Indiana and the weather is so umperdictable, it get really cold and reallly warm. They do really well during the winter (I have never had one get to cold and die or anything like that). And as long as they had a shady place to relax they were good when it got really warm at. I think Ameraucanas are awesome birds and would make an awesome addition to your flock.


I have 2 Ameraucanas, and I totally agree with everything you said :)
Thanks. I have two adults and 1 chick, but in the process of ordering eggs and I will eventually get to breeding them. So excited!
I have a lot more ameraucanas now. a bunch of chicks and 30 eggs in the incubator. And am getting more. Definatley a good breed to raise.
I live in IN. too, I have been looking into these and I'm more confused then ever... one site has them listed as an ee and the other dont, and one site said you cross an ameraucana with an Araucana to get an EE , and yet another site says the Araucana is the original EE. I'm so confused... I just want lots of big green eggs, had a hen ???? laid them and she died for no reason I know of. and I want my green eggs back. can any one help clear this up for me, PLEASE 
@chick rookie It is very hard to find pure Ameraucanas, most are EE's advertised as Ameraucanas. EE's (to my understanding) are Ameraucanas that have been crossed, at some point, with a different breed. Most EE's still lay blue/green eggs, and EE's can sometimes lay better then pure Ameraucanas because of the breed they had been crossed with. 
I thought I orginally had Ameraucanas but found out that they are probably EE's. They lay blue eggs, and have muffs, and they are still really awesome, even though they are not pure Ameraucanas!!
Hope this helped!
it did thank you. 
you can go to and get on the breeders directory to get true ameraucanas. If all you want it colored eggs just get some easter eggers (actually mutts but this is what hatcheries call them) A few hatcheries have pure ameraucanas. But half of them label them wrong and mislead people
CCCCCCCCHICKENS: thank you for the web add. I am going to keep it in my file but it has been a head ach looking for them and along the way I found out that I don't have to breed one to a blk copper maran to get a chocolate egg layer, I can just get a Welsummer for that, and go a head and get some ee's for my green/blues. Never knew it was such a mental strain trying to get the right chicken for the right eggs.... lol and of course I have to be a picky butt... :)
everyone loves a colorful egg basket! I hope you get all the right chickens for the eggs you want
I have one Blue Ameraucana hen, and I absolutely love her!
I've been searching recently for a roo as well. I would really love to have more of these lovely birds. :)
Sorry I did not check this sooner, i forget to check the reviews I write a lot. You can get on here . It is the ameraucana breeders website. You can geton the breeders directory and look for breeders near you. 
I have just ordered some.
Because I wanted a blue egg layer I didn't take a chance on getting an EE because they can lay anything from blue, green, pink, cream, and even white.  Not a bad thing but I really wanted guaranteed blue eggs so I ordered 2 pullets pet quality from an APA Ameraucana breeder who was on the directory at the time I ordered.  One juvenile died but the surviving Blue Wheaten Ameraucana is a goofy, kooky, spooky, klutzy, gentle, alert, sweet, adorable bird that jumps and squawks at every sudden noise or movement.  Ameraucanas and apparently their cousin EEs are very skittish birds but not aloof.  They are just very aware and wary about their surroundings.  But if you talk to them, they LOVE to converse, they let you pet them, eat out of your hand, let you pick them up, know their name, chase cats out of the yard that don't belong there, don't go broody, lay very large eggs, and are just generally the sweetest fowl you could want.  They have a good appetite because of laying so many eggs in one week - from 5-6/wk as pullets.  We add seafood, sweet potatoes, quinoa, turmeric, fresh or raisined cranberries, corn, and oats to her diet because of the historical region where her breed was created. keeps Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas because they will take in orphaned chicks or injured birds into their flock with no fuss.  These birds are the kindest breed I have encountered - even more gentle than Silkies.  I would not put good natured EEs/Ameraucanas into a flock of heavy LF as they will get bullied because they aren't interested in flock politics.  Ours goes out of her way to avoid conflict.
Yup... Cold hardy. At least judging by the EEs and Americans I owned.
My first coop was built by sticking 2 of saplings in the ground and covered by a large poly tarp.
The rows were 10 feet apart and the saplings were spaced 4 feet for each other, bent towards then wound around each other to form a half loop. I tied(with baler twine) more saplings at 4 feet high on either side and another row at the top for support and put the tarp over the works.
I anchored the tarp with ropes thrown over top and pegged the rope into the ground(it got kinda windy in that field). The coop was 30 feet long and 7 feet high at the top of the arch.
It got kinda cold that winter as usual. -20 to -30 was the norm with a cpl of nights down to -40.
Not one frozen comb. Even their feet were fine. Roosts were also made from saplings. Wood rules.
No artificial heat either not even a light bulb. Lots of corn(high fat content).
Froze about 15-20% of the eggs though.
Tough little creatures.
Hens were easy to get along with too, as we're most of the roosters. Just 1 roo Leanard, was bossy and defensive to the point of chasing the kids. But that worked out fine because that spring he actually attacked some kinda hawk that wanted to make a lunch out of one of the hens. We kept that miserable little curse for 4 years till we moved to the city for a cpl years. Sold him with the flock. Don't recall ever finding out what finally happened to him.
All said, always wanted to but never owned pure Araucana, but if they are anything like their cousins, EE & Americana, personality wise as well as the eggs and cold hardiness and the fact this breed is on the watch list there are a host of reasons for keeping them.
With all the "problems related to raising Araucana my blessings go to any and all who chose to raise them.
I humbly say I didn't intend to write a novel. Just a bit excited is all.
Kudos to Araucana raisers
To RezChamp - So glad you had a good experience with your Ameraucanas or EEs.  Just so people know the EEs are not a recognized APA breed but are cousins to the actual APA Ameraucanas.  Now as for Araucanas my Ameraucana breeder also raised them.  However I declined getting them because there are too many problems with them.  Somehow nature doesn't like fluke or deformity breedings which is what Scots Dumpy, Araucanas, and Courtes-Pattes are.  It's like breeding the severe undercut jaws of Bulldogs and Boxers - causes problems that in Mother Nature's natural breeding would never allow to survive or there are natural fertility problems to halt the continued propogation of the deformed species.  I love chickens but my personal opinion is that I would rather have a hardy Olmec over a delicate Araucana in my flock.  The Araucana eggs are also kind of small and not as large or prolific as the hardier Ameraucanas.  Just passing on knowledge and not to offend.  Smiles
How can I tell an EE apart from an ameraucana? 
To BooeyBird - go on where the standards are explained for egg color, bird color, and body descriptions.  EEs usually lay greenish or mint eggs (some can lay bluish, pink, or even white egga) and have a bevy of various crazy and beautiful feather colors but Ameraucanas are strictly bluish egg layers and have only 8 distinct feather colors.  The ameraucana website has photos showing the 8 colors approved by the APA.  My avatar is an APA Blue Wheaten Ameraucana from a breeder and cost 4 times more than an EE from a hatchery.  However, the personalities of both Amers and EEs seem to be identical.  I happened to want guaranteed blue eggs so I spent the money for an APA Ameraucana.  If you aren't concerned about what color eggs an EE will lay she is equally as great a bird as an Ameraucana. Amers and EEs are not as large as dual purpose birds but lay LG-XL eggs and are easier on my feed bill than heritage hens weighing 1 to 3 lbs more!
I love mine.  My Roo jumps up to my bedroom window to beg for food and he will sit there and eat corn right out of my hand.  I throw out treats and he calls all his ladies over to eat.  He is very sweet and has never attacked me.  They are very skittish as chicks, in my opinion, but mine are pretty smart and chill out as they age.  My dog was chasing one of my hens the other day and she ran right up to my sliding glass door to be saved by us.  The eggs are beautiful and my hens always flock around me.  I love their muffs and they are a wonderful size.  I have had a Roo that was mean and almost killed my pet goose.  I don't know if I am am just lucky right now or what but my Blue Wheaten Roo and Lavender Roo are just wonderful.  My last one tried killing one of his own chicks and mama had to put him in his place.  
He ended up in our pot. He was my only bad experience with this breed of bird.  I will probably always own them. 
I am looking at a local lady that wants to reduce the size of her flock and has quite a few pullets of different breeds available.  She says that she has Ameraucanas, but after reading that a lot are actually EE's how would I tell by looking at them which they are?
Go on the Ameraucana online websites - there are 2 Ameraucana clubs - and view the photos of the 8 approved colors.  Also go on the BYC thread for "Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds updated" - you may get some breeder referrals for your region.  If you are unfamiliar with the difference between EEs and Ameraucanas I would not purchase until completely assured of the difference.  I waited -- did 6 months research before purchasing my first 2 Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas from an actual show breeder.  And understand that just because an Ameraucana is one of the 8 approved APA varieties does not guarantee it will meet all SOP standards as breeding can sometimes produce not-so-perfect birds.  That's why you need to go to a highly approved quality breeder to get true Ameraucanas.  So far feed stores only sell EE chicks.  Some private sellers list their EEs as Ameraucanas simply because they bought chicks through a hatchery or feed store that had labeled the EEs as Ameraucanas.  Buyer beware.  If you want your lady's birds critiqued on the BYC thread take photos and post them on the "Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds updated" and BYC answers will most likely quickly ID whether the birds are Ameraucana or not.  Hope this helps you!
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