Intelligent, Self-Sufficient, Broody, and Aggressive

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Pros: Excellent parents, best freerangers, low-maintenance, beautiful

Cons: Cold weather tolerance, too small for meat/egg production

These birds are absolutely incredible parents and the hens are efficient when it comes to brooding and raising young.


They don't eat much and can get 99% of it by free ranging.  A little overzealous when it comes to territory but I like having these birds around.

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I have 2 of these birds Roo and his grand daughter.[He doesn't know]  They are in separable  They are very self sufficient and make awesome broody's and parents. My Roo is going on 8yrs old and still as feisty and healthy as a 2 yr old I don't think he is fertile but that's okay I am introducing OEGB into my flock and my American game loves to hatch. He really isn't overly aggressive towards my Old English roo as long as they keep a fair distance from his girl. He is awesome protector of the flock  I have seen him jump into the air trying to get a chicken hawk.  [Have no idea what he would have done with it if he'd caught it. ] lol  I give them a rating of 99%  gotta love these birds if you like a chicken that is very simular to the Jungle fowl of old you'll love these.