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American Game Reviews


Wouldn't trade them for anything


Pros: Great mothers,Great free rangers,and protective

Cons: Roosters are agressive towards each other

I've had them since I could crawl.They where my first birds and will be my last birds!The roosters and hens are very protective of the chicks and they will fight off any predator four-legged or two-legged.You can't beat them for free rangers or broodys.The only thing is you have to seperate the stags at about6 months or you'll end up with one or two less birds!

Very Pretty Bird


Pros: Beauty, Variety, Good Free Ranger.

Cons: Reputation and Public Opinion

The American Game is a wonderful breed of bird. They are beautiful and they come in many different colors.  For color and beauty they deserve a five star.  But there are some cons to owning them.  The biggest con is what other people think about you when they find out you are raising Gamefowl.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on this subject and most of them are pretty radical.  Say the word American Game in a crowded room and you just might start a fight.  Some people wouldn't take an American Game if you gave it to them, while other's value them so high as to ask $500 for a trio of birds. And there are people who will pay it!   All opinions aside,...
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Great all around fowl


Pros: Hardy, Easy to handle, Great free rangers, Protective mothers, lay well, medium sized eggs, broody often and roosters are protective of the young.

Cons: Roosters are aggressive towards one another.

American Gamefowl are one of the most historical birds in America's history. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were some of the most important people in America's history and they also owned American Gamefowl.    This breed is arguably the most varied breed of all chickens. American Games can come in any color possible in the chicken spectrum. The roosters can be multi-colored showing colors from red,gold,white, and black all on the same bird.   The hens lay well during the breeding season with an egg every day or every other day. They go broody often and are the best mothers out of any chicken breed. Hens and Roosters will fight off any...
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Sonny Hatten

American Game


Pros: just overall beauty heat smart protective

Cons: none

I know they come in all colors and appear to be the bird! I would like to know more about these game fowl. Do u have to breed to one color to get that color? do they come variety out of each hatching? Im intreaged.

A regal and majestic bird.


Pros: Smart, fantastic mothers, handsome stags.

Cons: The crowing can be irritating..

I fell into a "nest" of game birds when I moved my horse to a private residence stable 5 years ago. OH MY GOODNESS, I love the birds as much as my horse. They were not being taken care of properly and I took over their care. I spend alot of time talking to them and just standing in their aviary when I go to feed and clean. Once they realize you mean them not harm, the hens will talk to you which I find so nice. Hard to catch, but once you do catch them, they are just sweet and friendly. Game hens with their chicks have to be the bestest thing EVER! They do guard those chicks with their life and heaven help you if you get too close. I have seen mama keep her chicks till they were as...
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marvin smith

Which breed should I pick.

I'm in processs of getting some more american game chickens.  But, I'm having a hard time picking between some redfox greys and Penny Hatches.  I've raised redfox greys before and loved them.  Any suggestions.

Squawky & Flighty


Pros: smart, flock protector, sweet, beautiful, curious, great forager

Cons: loud, flighty, slow to develop,

A neighbor gave me 2 of these as chicks and I ended up giving both away. One turned out to be a rooster which I had to re-home, and I think separating him from his sister started her off on the wrong foot in my flock. She was always very vocal from a young age. It started when the older hens would chase her away from food, making her very food aggressive. She became lowest of the pecking order and every morning would voice her dissent by squawking loudly at feed time for an hour, non-stop. My older hens would constantly chase her and she would fly over the fence. I never bothered to trim her wings because I felt that she was justified at trying to get away. She is flighty and not easy to...
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Coolest chickens on earth!!


Pros: Protective males , fairly good laying hens , great free rangers and good setters

Cons: Must separate young cockserels by 5 months

I have a blue american game rooster and he is a well timpered rooster, he will peck your hand when you mess with his hen. Hens make wonderful mothers and are extremely predator resistant :D
Georgia Dream

My experience with American Game


Pros: Good mothers, smart, good free rangers

Cons: roosters can be aggressive with other roosters, hens can be a handfull

My cluster of american game although small is a joy to have. My rooster (bossman) is a pro at waking you up in the morning with his crowing. He is sweet and loving, but from a distance. He is still on the fence between loving being petted and getting grumpy over it. He is very protective of his hens, but occasionally starts trouble with my other rooster (siren). Siren is an older rooster and hes my little police officer breaking up fights with the hens and with bossman when he causes trouble. They are free range part time. I allow them out in the garden and to romp around each day but they come back to their coop at night. My hens are a joy Penelope is a true sweetheart she loves...
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I love my game rooster


Pros: very good protecters,very sweet,very good with children

Cons: noisy,can't get any more roosters:(

my rosco is a very good protecter of the hens he is  very smart and very sweet the only thing is I can  not get any more roosters though.
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