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Andalusian Reviews

Positive Reviews


Love This Little Blue Beauty


Pros: Beautiful, Good Layer, Friendly

Cons: None so far

My Blue Andalusian, Silver, is one of my favorite chickens.  She is seven months old and is a delightful member of the flock. Her coloring and lacing is just beautiful even though she is a hatchery chick.  She lays a medium to large white egg 6 days a week with an occasional jumbo.  She fits in well with my flock and does not pick on the other girls, but does stand up for herself.  I do have to keep her in a covered run when I do not want her to free range because she is a good flyer, but she is very good about coming in when called.  I would love her appearance and spirit and would definetly recommend Andalusians to anyone.  She was about four...
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More Beautiful Than Pictures


Pros: Pretty, Tame, Doesn't Mind Being Picked Up, Good Egg Layers, VERY Photogenic

Cons: Doesn't like to be caught, Can Fly Easily, Combs Flop Over

The pictures are in reverse chronological order. This is such a gorgeous chicken breed. She was flighty when I bought her but with regular handing and bread, she's fine with being held. She's not mean to other chickens and she's not a crazy noise maker when she lays eggs like some other chickens. She was awarded a blue ribbon at a fair I went to.       

My Blues


Pros: Great laying, Beautiful

Cons: Flighty, squaky

I have three Blue Andalusian hens. They are very beautiful birds and do well in my flock of 24 birds. They started laying around 4 1/2 months and lay almost every day. There egg size has increased considerably in a months time. They can be very squaky and it is high pitched! Definitely a big con for me, but they're chickens so it's just what they do.

Negative Reviews


Highly aggressive


Pros: Beautiful, good free range

Cons: Mean, flighty, aggressive to other breeds

I believe these chickens hate people. They were going after other chickens combs at 5 weeks. They are fine if allowed to free range, but in close quarters, they're terrible. Beautiful birds though. I have blue ones. They'll all be in the soup pot soon. Not recommended for a mixed flock.

Occasionally gorgeous, always annoying, decent layer of disappointing eggs


Pros: About 1 in 5 are gorgeous

Cons: Flighty, eggs aren't great, obnoxious

I moved these hens along after only a year and will not order them again. They are extremely flighty (over the fence almost daily), they are not exceptional layers, comparatively, and the eggs they do lay are the least yummy eggs I've harvested from chickens (barely, if at all, better than your typical high end grocery egg). They also took living IN the nesting boxes, (despite ample roosting space) something I've seen no other breed do. This would have just been quaint, I suppose, if they also didn't also quickly crap all of them up requiring constant cleaning or all of our eggs would be covered in poop every day.   Hopefully the hens themselves will be tastier than their eggs.

Good Egg producer, Somewhat Aggressive And Unfriendly


Pros: *A gorgeous bird* *Cold hardy* *Good egg producer* *Broody* *Hens are sweet*

Cons: *A bit skiddish at points* *Roosters are aggressive* *Very flighty* *Doesn't like to be caught*

My friend has had several Andalusians throughout her chicken experience, and her rooster, Bitty Cloud, was probably an even meaner than my first Arucana rooster, Chubby-Cheeks the 1st, and that's saying something! Even though her rooster was a meanie, her hen, Winnifred, is a good egg producer, even if she is still skiddish and flighty. But these are somewhat decorative birds in my opinion, especially the roosters. I definitely wouldn't recommend this bird to a beginner.

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Love my little blue girl


Pros: Very friendly

I have 3 from McMurray - 1 Blue, 1 Splash, 1 Black. I did have 2 splash but one of them died. The Black and Blues are very friendly, the splash is not. She's scared of me. The Blue, however, has been my friendliest chick since day 1. Now, at 5 weeks old, she always wants to be perching on me. Even when I take them outside to let them explore their soon-to-be coop & run area, the Blue always finds time to come crawl into my lap!

Great chicken!


Pros: Amazing, sweet, personality, nice to other chickens, just great!

Cons: None, not one single thing

I had two of these chickens but the second night one died. The  one that lived (Greysie) Is absolutely fantastic! I love her so much

Have 18 blue laced Andalusians, one of my favorite breeds!


Pros: The hens are curious, friendly, NOT broody and lay large white eggs just about all year around. Roosters are just beautiful!

Cons: Mine easily fly over a 6' fence to explore and will fly back in evening. BIG combs tend to freeze in extreme cold; I bring my roos inside below 15.

Love this breed. I had gotten an Andalusian hen several years ago and she laid several eggs that an EE hatched out and the resulting mixes look so closely like the purebreds. I love this hen and ordered 16 more blue laced Andalusians from Welp hatchery last year.   Hens are so friendly and curious, do not mind being picked up. Roos are a little more flighty, just typical roos. I like the fact that they are not broody as my EE's go beserk all Spring trying to raise constantly. Would rather not have that. Andalusians lay an nice size white egg all through the Winter. The roosters are stunning!   Only con for me is they LOVE to fly, over anything. Several of mine fly...
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Blue hen


Pros: Good egg layer

Cons: flighty

My blue andalusian hen is a good layer. She became friendly quick and I would love to get more in the future.

Our Blues


Pros: Beautiful, Smart, Quick

Cons: Intimidated, Flighty, Quick

I love our Blue Ands! We currently have two females and one male. Our male is currently the top of the pecking order, and he was the first to learn to crow (at only 8 weeks, impressive right?). His comb is beautiful, big, and red, while the females have smaller combs colored grey and pink (currently 11 weeks old). They have great personalities, although they run away as soon as our hands come anywhere close to them. The male isn't as afraid of us. I mention that them being "quick" is both a pro and a con, because they are able to get away in case of a predator attack, but a con because you'll be chasing them around everywhere if you need to catch them to look at them. They are very smart...
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Good with others but flighty


Pros: Good Layer, Friendly with others in flock, Beautiful Bird

Cons: Flighty and skiddish of everything

        Our Blue Bell is a lovely bird. She is a great layer and good with the other 8- Sister Chicks. Good layer, 5-7 eggs per week. Not very friendly, and flies even with clipped wings. She flew into the neighbors yard and got attacked by their dog. She is in recovery. She has let us treat her without any trouble. As she recoups, she has gotten her skittishness back. Beautiful Bird!! And Very friendly with the other girls in the flock.

Under 6mos still


Pros: Pretty, Unique, mine are annoyingly friendly

Cons: Haven't found any yet

I have 3 Andalusian (2 Girls, 1 Boy)... they are being raised with Lakenvelder, Cornish, Brahma and Nacked Necks... the whole group is so friendly, they try to climb all over me any chance they get. The Andalusian were the first to come to my hand at 2 wks old teaching the others to trust me. The Andalusian are the bigger birds of the bunch, and so are the more dominant set, but only the male is overly pushy around food, but from my experience all of my males have been that way. I'm pretty sure I will be tripping over these three constantly once they are grown enough to go outside and not worry about the winter cold. It was a good last minute choice for me. Mine are from Welp Hatchery if...
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Beautiful Bird


Pros: Rather steady layer of white eggs

Cons: Flighty

Had to clip both wings.  She was constantly going to neighbors yard to graze over a 6 foot fence.  She always came back, but did not want the complaints.  Love her markings, and her comb is so large it folds over to one side.  Mine is not very tame, very standoffish.  Will come up for treats but will not compete with the other birds to get them.  I have to toss them in her direction.  I wish I would have bought more of them when they were available at the feed store.

beautiful bird! waiting for eggs though


Pros: beautiful! can fly really well! good at free ranging

Cons: scared of EVERYTHING, flighty! panicky, if you catch them be prepared to put ear plugs in.

i got one in a batch from a hatchery she is the most BEAUTIFUL bird i have! just with the smoky blue color! BUT....yes there is a butt she isent laying yet which isent the issue.....she along with my aconas .....are the FLIGHTIEST birds i have! wild birds aren't as flighty! i mean i raised them right i dont want to say ALL the birds are like that but mine are and it sucks! but they do WELL at free ranging! 

Dominant, Strong, Flighty, Good laying little bird


Pros: Good layer, beautiful, dominant, lots of personallity

Cons: flighty, slightly aggressive, stubborn

I originally bought 8 pullets. I thought 2 were blue andalusians, but one turned out to be a splash marans instead (very hard to tell them apart as babies lol). They are all 25 weeks old now and my BA, Dixie, has only missed 2 days since she started laying. She has been laying for 2-3 weeks now. Her eggs are a nice white, rounded shape and are very large for being pullet eggs. She is also absolutely stunning for being a hatchery chick.         The only problem I have with Dixie is that she's very dominant which causes her to be very unwelcoming to newcomers. She pinned one of my newest chickens down and pecked her in the back of the head until she was...
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