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Australorp Reviews

Positive Reviews


Very friendly chickens, good layers, and beautiful


Pros: Very sweet temperament, lovely color, great layers

Cons: Can't think of any

I will start by saying that I love Australorps. In fact, my very favorite hen is an Australorp. She is such a sweet chicken and just let's you walk right up to her to pick her up. She doesn't run or anything. Sometimes she even comes up to me and acts like she wants to be petted. I love their deep black color with a greenish sheen and how they are built. They are also great layers. There was actually once a laying record record set when a hen laid 364 eggs in 365 days. If you are looking for friendly laying hens, these should be a top choice. 

Amazing birds!


Pros: Great layers, great with other birds, very human friendly, nice to look at, hardy, long term layers

Cons: Limited color availability in the US

What can I say about these birds?   They are simply every chicken keepers go-to breed. They are very hardy in both cold and hot weather (being in south central KY, we can get temps around 100 with humidity way up there and winter nights down in the single digits with wind chill and snow). Amazing layers of XXXLarge brown eggs, they're the type of layers that won't let you down. They are also very attractive birds - a lovely shape, HUGE dark eyes, big combs/wattles, and a glorious black color with primarily green sheen with blue and purple also. They're also big birds, I'd assume good for processing though I don't do that with my pets!   They are incredibly friendly, not...
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Kings in Black


Pros: Hardy, large, prolific layers, lots of meat, quiet, good tempered

Cons: Personality can also be skittish/aloof.

The Australorp is my favorite breed.  They are beautiful with their large combs and regal mantles of black feathers that flash brilliant metallic green in the sun. They are also one of the most flexible breeds you can get for whatever set up you desire.    These are large heavy chickens that are good all-purpose birds and good for beginner chicken owners. If you want eggs, meat, or pets, this is an excellent breed to pick. I've used them for all three. They are a popular favorite here in the Pacific Northwest as they don't seem to mind the constant rain and mud very much.   Their personalities range from very friendly to aloof. They can be big snuggly lap...
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Negative Reviews


Good Chickens, Not Great with People


Pros: Nice eggs, beautiful birds

Cons: Standoffish, not very friendly

We have 3 Australorp's that we got as day old chicks back in April of this year along with some Speckled Sussex, Red Stars, and Barred Rocks. Now that these girls are almost 5 month's old, some of them are beginning to lay. The Australorp's are giving us some very nice eggs so no complaints about their laying. However, I expected more from them in terms of friendliness and personality after reading so much about them. These 3 girls were handled as much as all the other breeds (which was a lot!) and today fall in the middle of the pecking order but they are "clannish" and prefer each other's company to any other bird or human. If we try to pet them, they...
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Egg Eater


Pros: Nice-sized Eggs

Cons: Eats the Nice-sized eggs, Shy

Was a Good Hen when It Came to Laying, BUT she ate the other Hen's eggs. Also taught another one how to drink the egg yolk. Very shy especially when it came to snack time. So we let our friend have her.

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.... but....


Pros: Pretty feather sheen, good layer, good frog-catcher

Cons: Mine happens to be very aggressive and the least friendly of my flock

Don't base your purchase on my review, because I only have one Australorp. I just figured I should put in a review, in case it helps anyone. I included an Australorp in my chick order because of the great reviews. Unfortunately, the one we got is not the nicest hen. I love all of my "children", but she's the most difficult. She's aggressive and obnoxious. She bullies the pullets incessantly. She is not very friendly. (We handle our chickens a lot. The others are all very tame.) She is pretty though, and a consistent layer. She's also a good forager. She catches frogs in the woods! It's disgusting, but I have to admire her tenacity. ;)

More Reviews


They've got it all!


Pros: Beautiful, smart and a gentle temperment

Cons: none I'm aware of

We started our first flock in October and I originally wanted to have an entire flock of Australorp's, but couldn't find any. I was thrilled to finally find one locally and just LOVE her! She was 8 weeks old when we purchased her. We have a small flock of 5 because we are in the city, but our Australorp, "Patty" is a favorite. Sweet and gentle in every way, she allows my 4 year old son to come right up to her and pick her up. Patty is calm and quiet, and is as easy going as they come. She goes along with the flock, but doesn't get picked on either. Patty will even patiently wait for her treats so as not to create a commotion. I think she is just...
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I can't think of a better bird


Pros: very friendly, very beautiful, great personalities

Cons: Cannot think of a single one

We have 10 Australorps, 7 girls and 3 boys. They are very friendly and have great personalities. They will walk with us in the garden and do not bother our plants at all. They will come running when they see us step outside and love getting treats. They tend to look out for each other and stay together for the most part. They also have the most beautiful green sheen to them. One of our favorite thing to do is go out and just watch them interact with each other and listen to all the peacefull noises they make. They do not get very loud at all. I have to really listen closely to hear any of the boys in the morning from the house. I truely cannot think of a better breed to start your flock...
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My favorite breed on all counts


Pros: egg quantity, size, temperment, plumage

Cons: none

Of my breeds these are my favorites. (I have plymoth rock, australorp, production, and arucanas)  Australorps are my best producers, are intellegent, friendly, not too passive or agressive and even manage to keep their plumage in better condition than the rest.

The Australorp


Pros: Good layers, pretty birds, friendly

Cons: Nothing really

Love these birds. Honestly, I think they are perfect for beginners, or anyone really. They are friendly, pretty, and lay a fair amount off eggs. Australorps seem to be a favourite among many chicken lovers. I can see why because they really are awesome birds!   Hope that helps,

Great chickens!


Pros: Lays good-size eggs, lays often, very sweet, nice to other hens.

Cons: They'll grow old, eventually.

I have a roo and two hens of this breed. They are very sweet chickens.   My roo crows a lot, but I haven't seen him attack any chickens nor do any of them have peck marks. He doesn't like it, but he tolerates being picked up and being moved out of the way. Not once has he even attempted to hurt me. He also is good at protecting warning the chickens when he thinks something is coming. He also keeps the girls near him when they are outside as well as inform them when snacks come.   The hens are shy, but very sweet. They lay nice, and large brown eggs. Not much to say about them, other then they are great at laying and are they tolerate me, the roo, and all the other hens.

Nothing beats the egg production and the friendliness of an Australorp!


Pros: Great winter egg layers.

Cons: I should have gotten more!

I did my homework before I got into chickens and researched the different breeds. I wanted a friendly chicken, one that could tolerate sub zero temperatures in the winter and one that would be a good layer. My 4 Aussies live up to all of these characteristics and then some! They are super friendly and love to "Lap sit". They follow me around like drooling puppies looking for treats. They lay nearly everyday even in the winter and freezing temps do not phase these birds. I highly recommend this breed to first time chicken owners, especially ones with children. The Australorp will not fail you! 

Great Birds!


Pros: Very docile, pretty, calm

Cons: Not much

I have 11 Australorp hens on my farm and they are dedicated egg layers.   They remain calm and allow me to touch them without much fuss.   4 of my girls are in a run with a Speckled Sussex hen and they 'growl' at me when I come in...not in anger but rather as a way of 'talking'.   It's kind of cute and always draws comments from the kids who come out to tour my place.   I would definitely get more of these birds!

The Best


Pros: Great egg layers and very docile...curious personality

I love my Australorps!! Best decision I could have made. I get an egg a day!!

Our first choice, twice!


Pros: Lots of delicious eggs, beautiful birds, pictures don't do them justice

Cons: none

We've had chickens two different times so far over the years, and Australorps are always our first choice.  Both times they started laying for us at 6 months old or a little before.  We got them from Ideal Poultry.  They let us pick up our birds there so we don't have to have them shipped in the mail.

Fantastic Breed


Pros: Amazing Egg layers, roosters are great meat birds, docile, friendly, hardy to cold and heat, beautiful.

Cons: None that I can think of.

I've been raising chickens over 12 years and have raised a large amount of breeds and I've been the most impressed with the Australorp. Australorp is my favorite breed of all the breeds I've owned in the past. Hardy to the cold and heat, docile, and friendly. With these factors they lay better, live longer, and don't get sick as easily. Amazing egg layers and meat chickens. The hens are fantastic large brown egg layers and the rooster can make amazing meat chickens. I always recommend them to anyone looking for egg layers or meat birds.                      
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