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Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator


Pros: Excellent hatch rates. Worry free!

Cons: Small. Moisture does get trapped in the turning mechanism.

I love this little incubator. I get excellent hatch rates with it. It even managed to hatch shipped northern pintail eggs. I've hatched quails, chickens and ducks with this incubator. I highly recommend it. It's very reliable and a set and forget type of incubator. Humidity holds steady. Easy to view into and witness the hatching process. I'm very pleased with it. It's relatively easy to clean. Moisture does sometimes build up in the turning mechanism and I've notice some rusting going on. But this is after 3 years of using it very heavily. Batch after batch. When I'm done with a hatch, I thoroughly clean it and leave the lid off so the moisture dries. It's never let me down and very well made. An overall excellent incubator to hatch a small batch of eggs!


Pros: Set and forget.. Just add water

Cons: N/A

It really is set and forget easy... Every other day we filled the one water pod as instructed and just left them alone. First time hatching eggs, we got 100% success.. 7 out of 7 hatched healthy and ready to go. It was easy, it was awesome, and it was perfect for our small backyard flock. If you want high success without being over run with chickens its perfect. If you want lots and lots of chickens id go elsewhere as this will only get you 7 a month


Pros: auto turn, easy clean after hatch, holds temp well, great for small hatches, digital display

Cons: doesn't have humidity control, but I had zero issues with humidity. I followed the instructions and both hatches went well.

I wanted a small incubator to start out my hatching adventures. I also wanted one with a digitally controlled thermostat. I also wanted an autoturner. This little incubator fit the bill. I love the clear plastic dome when my eggs start to pip. I can move all around the unit and get a 360 degree view of the eggs and chicks when they start hatching. When I candle eggs and replace them back under the dome, the Brinsea Mini Advance can rebound the temps quickly. This incubator can hold 7 eggs with the autoturner in or 10 eggs with the autoturner taken out. (more if the eggs are small) I love the digital readout and everything is easy to set and adjust. You can set how often you want the eggs to turn. You can set an auto cool period to mimic a hen getting off the nest once a day. It has a high and low temp alarm. It will show if the unit has lost power during the incubation period. It has a day countdown timer and the autoturner can be set to turn off at day 18. I candle my eggs for the last time when the autoturner is off, fill both water chambers to increase humidity for hatch, turn the fat ends of the eggs out so I can see pips better, and the waiting really begins. :) The instruction booklet that comes with the unit is detailed but easy to understand.


My first hatch was 5 out of 7. One chick died at day 15 or so, and the other had severe cross beak and never pipped. My second batch, 7 out 7 hatched! I am very, very happy with this incubator and Brinsea as a company. I had an issue with a second order I placed with them, and they were very helpful when I called.

I am so happy with my little power house Brinsea :) I may purchase one of their larger incubators in the future, but the small size of Mini Advance will help keep me from becoming overrun with chickens for the present time.


Pros: Holds temperature very well, easy to use, great viewing, digital readout

Cons: Egg turner is not great, not insulated, very pricey, not calibrated, no hydro readout

I have done three hatches in my brinsea mini advance so far.  I bought mine with an addition thermometer/hydrometer which was a great decision.  Setting up  the brinsea was simple.  The directions are clear, and the process is easy.  


If you don't have a separate thermometer, I'm not sure how you would calibrate this incubator.  I calibrated the bonus thermometer and then used that to check the temperature in my incubator.  My brinsea was two degrees colder than the readout said.  If I had not calibrated it, I'm not sure my hatch would have gone well.  For the money, I would have expected it to be pre-calibrated.  It does hold temperature very well once you have it where it needs to be.  However, if your power goes out there is little to no insulation and it gets cold rapidly.  It also had a cooling feature which I really like adn an alarm in case the temps go to high or low.


The turner is very veritile as far as options for how often and how many degrees you want your eggs turned.  It's very easy to program and very convenient.  I however had problems with the turner itself.  There were always one or two eggs that I could not get to turn, no matter how much I fiddled with them.  One of my hens lays a longer pointy egg, and I never got it to turn properly.  That was VERY frustrating. Again, for the cost of the machine I expected it to be much smoother operating and am very disapointed.  I would not recommend this for larger eggs or nonstandard shaped eggs.   I also purchased the small egg disk for serama eggs, and it worked fine. 


The humidity cannot be fine tuned, and there is no hydrometer built in.  I did not have a problem with it (I monitored air cells and used the little extra thermometer/hydro) and following the directions gave me fine results. However I can see this being a problem in a very dry or humid area.


All in all I would NOT purchase this again.  It's a decent incubator, but not worth the cost.


Pros: You don't need to do a thing! And excellent hatch rates!

Cons: Small

I have used this incubator 4 times now, and every time I get every egg to hatch except for one that never forms! This incubator is great to have if you have a small flock, and plus once you set it you don't need to do anything else until lockdown! I'm very happy with this incubator. I might replace it with the bigger version soon because my flock is expanding. Here's some pictures of my hatches in it. jumpy.gif

Another thing that I really like about this incubator, is the clear round opening all around it so that you can see the hatch whenever you want without opening up the incubator.


Pros: When it works, it works great

Cons: Only 4 hatches before it malfunctioned

This little incubator is great when it's working. I had 3 successful hatches in two years. However, 4 days before the chicks were due, the heating unit and sensor shot craps. The "alarm" is a tiny chirping noise that can't be heard from another room so we weren't aware until it was too late. The company was of little help - said they had "never heard of this problem" (the temperature readings were fluctuating wildly from 89-106 degrees) but they would be happy to charge me to fix it. The unit was cleaned carefully after every use and stored in the box. Not sure what else we could have done to prevent this, but to only get 3 good uses out of it and 7 dead chicks leaves me very disappointed. Think I'll just order from the hatcheries from now on. :-(


Pros: accurate and you can clearly view the progress of the hatch

Cons: none

I bought this incubator for my very first hatch and I am so incredibly happy with the results. I had 7 marans eggs shipped from Illinois to los angeles and when the box arrived, it was totally smashed. I was so afraid to open it. None of them were cracked but all the air cells were saddled and I totally forgot what I had read about "resting" the shipped eggs. So I just threw them in the incubator that night, with the turner on. I also turned on the cooling option after the first week, like the manual suggested. The temperature was never off by more than one degree for the entire 3 weeks. I thought maybe I would get 3 or 4 chicks out of the hatch but actually ended up with all 7!!! This little guy did all the work. I just programmed it like the manual said. I can't wait to see what my results will be for my second hatch!


Pros: Great hatch rates; easy to set up; good design; accurate; simple

Cons: None!

A Brinsea Mini was my first incubator and it will be my last too. It is a high quality small incubator for the backyard hobbyist; no, you can't hatch a ton of chicks out of it, but it's ideal for folks who just want to keep small flock numbers up or have some fun with hatching eggs! Temperature control and turning modes are totally digital. Humidity is not, however I have found keeping the humidity up in a Mini simpler than trying to calibrate it in an incubator with automatic humidity - simply fill one of the wells up every couple days. The incubator is made of a tough and durable plastic, and makes it very easy to view the eggs as they hatch! It is easy to clean as well.

I have only ever had one issue with this incubator - after about 5 years of use, the transformer cord wore out. I ordered a new one for about $15 from Brinsea and now my baby's up and running again. Other than that, it has been perfect from the day I got it.


Pros: Set it and forget it!


When I purchased the Mini Advance, I assumed that it was calibrated from the factory! It appears that this is not so. The eggs came from my girls and were about as fresh as can be, and loaded them in the incubator. I measured the eggs weights throughout the process and the eggs were losing the appropriate amount of weight throughout the incubation process. Everything was going perfectly! 

Unfortunately the results were horrible! Out of 7 eggs, only 4 hatched, three of which did not look good at hatch time 2 subsequently died the next day. Another one had pipped but must have died just after the first pip because that was as far as that one went, and the other 2 were fully developed but never pipped must less hatch. I could not understand why I had such a terrible hatch. The only thing I could think of was that the temperature was not right so, I purchased a spot check thermometer and compared it to two other thermometers that I knew were dead on. The spot check was accurate! After the hatch I checked the temperature and I discover that the temp, 20mm above the turner, is only 98.1 degrees as opposed to the 99.5 that the unit was reading throughout the hatch. All of a sudden I see why the bad hatch and it all makes sense. I have two other friends who just purchased the same unit and their Mini 7's were also not calibrated from the factory.  One read 98.1 (purchased 3/2015) and the other read 102.3 (purchased 4/2015). They both also had terrible first hatches, which is understandable considering the temperatures were so way off. You would think that Brinsea, selling a near $200, 7 egg incubator, would have at least had the courtesy of calibrating the units prior to shipping. Brinsea should at least advise their customers that the units are not calibrated from the factory and encourage the buyer to buy a thermometer of some sort or better yet, calibrate the units at the factory. What a disappointment! Do yourself a favor. When buying one of these over priced incubators, consider dropping another $20 so you can check that the temperature is correct because you can be **** sure that Brinsea did not calibrate the unit prior to leaving the factory.


Pros: Excellent temperature control, durable, easy maintenance

Cons: Small, no humidity control

I used the Brinsea Mini Advance incubator this past spring to incubate Wyandotte bantam eggs. Overall, the incubator performed very well. The temperature remained steady and the automatic turner made daily maintenance relatively simple. No more worrying about hand turning the eggs several times a day! My hatch with the Mini Advance turned out pretty good, with 4 out of 5 fertile eggs hatching. 


One point I would like to change about this incubator is its humidity control. In the center of the incubator, there is a small reservoir that you fill halfway with water during most of the incubation, and fill completely during the last three days. Supposedly, that makes the incubator have correct humidity. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the humidity for sure. The incubator itself has no humidity monitor, and it is too small to place a separate humidity gauge in. You're left at the mercy of the incubator when it comes to keeping humidity correct.


Another point is the incubator's size. For small hatches (7 eggs or less), the incubator is a great investment. However, it does limit the number of eggs you can set at a time, which can be a disadvantage depending on how many chicks you want.


Still, I overall rate this incubator highly, and would recommend it for use by others.

Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator

The Brinsea Mini Advance incubator will incubate up to seven standard size chicken eggs and up to 12 quail/pheasant eggs. You can also hatch duck, Amazon and Macaw eggs in this incubator. It has a turning tray to make it fully automatic. You can remove the tray, turn off the auto turn feature and turn the eggs manually if you so choose. It also monitors the temp and controls it but does not have humidity controls. There's a water reservoir in the center of the unit. In auto turn, you can adjust the turn interval and the turn angle according to the egg size. It comes with one turning tray for seven hen/duck eggs. You can purchase a tray for 12 quail/pheasant size eggs separately. Instructions that come with the unit are very detailed and complete.

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