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Call Duck Reviews


Call Ducks


Pros: small, requirements simple, readily procreate, people friendly, amiable with other poultry, livestock

Cons: hens are loud, can fly

  I love call ducks!  They are the ideal duck for persons with not much room for bigger ducks.  To those close to neighbors, I suggest a pen of males as the hens are vocal.   These ducks are quick and efficient insect and worm eradicaters.  Provide them with a kiddie pool for hours of amusement.  With one wing clipped, they won't fly off.  They are gentle and make excellent pets, indoors or out.

Best Duck


Pros: small, entertaining, easy going

Cons: hatching, females are very loud

I love my calls!!!! They are very entertaining even in the winter. My Butterscotch calls slide around on their bellies like a penquin after a fresh snow fall and go sliding down the hill in our yard, It is awesome. I have other ducks also but none have the personality like these guys. They may be small but they don't know it. The only issue for some may be the females are very vocal and can be loud so if youhave really close neighbors that could be a problem. 

Beautiful vocal ducks!!!


Pros: Pretty, low maintenance, showy, water lover, economical eaters and so many colours varieties!!!

Cons: Noisy, messy for there size & don't cope well if separated from any members of the flock.

This breed is definitely one of my favourites of all time, I love my two little calls!. There is such a huge colour range to choose from , if only I could have one of each! . They are easy to breed and have high fertility when many breeds don't at the time of year. Very good layers in the summer. Although when breeding them it's hard to get a true call e.g short beak, chubby face and short neck etc but that doesn't matter to me I will keep any ducks. The only concern is in my relatives experience ( who has owned many calls) said they get upset if any are removed from a flock for any reason like illnesses or breeding although who can blame them. Love the breed though!!!

A good breed


Pros: Tame, don't need much space.

Cons: Hens are loud, messy, drakes can have a mean streak if not handled much.

These Call Ducks are a good duck breed. They are tame, but the drakes can have a mean streak in them if not handled much. These ducks don't need much space, and they get along with chickens and other birds quite well. However, the hens can be loud, so I wouldn't recommend having a hen with picky neighbors close by. Also they are messy, which is a trait I've noticed in my Call Ducks.
Medusa M

very nice peacfull ducks


Pros: very cute ,make funny noises ,good with other ducks and chickens

Cons: had to gop out and find new food & drink containers as they are to small to be able to get food from other containers

very good ducks to have ,make the garden look very good and pretty ,they are great with children and very calm around people and would recomend these ducks to anyone

I loved my call duck


Pros: Small , Sweet, Easy to handle , males aren't aggressive

Cons: Females Loud , and are sometimes independent

My call duck Cleveland was the most friendly duck I owned. They are small so easy and nice to handle. They can be hard to catch, I really like call ducks they are nice, small and easy. The females are loud the males aren't that load. If you free range they are small so they get picked up a little more. Overall I give a 5 star rating!!! I hoped I helped someone!  

Awesome little pets.


Pros: Small, highly entertaining, keen to reproduce, don't require huge amounts of space, get along well with other poultry.

Cons: Hens can be VERY noisy! Able to fly.

I've had Calls for a little while now and we just love them! They're so amusing, some of the things they do are absolutely hilarious and have us in stitches! They would happily spend the entire day in the water and they forage a lot also, which can help with cost of feed. Mine love the chickens also and are more than happy to follow them around in the garden, occasionally calling out to them if they can't see them! A word of warning- the hens can be very loud, and I wouldn't recommend having them in a metro area. It does depend on the hen though, some are more vocal than others and one of mine is the loudest I've come across so far!   They're seasonal layers and don't lay year...
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very sweet and adorable!


Pros: calm, docile birds

Cons: some can have a temper

i have 3 grey call ducks, their names are Toby, Oliver, And Olivia. i had toby first and he was very mean, he would hiss and attack my hand, but once i got the other call ducks, he was so sweet! i think he was just lonely. me hen lays eggs like every other day, and they are good size.       here is a picture of them  

Love them!


Pros: Cute, cuddly and full of character! Always busy and never boring!

Cons: Can fly but you can clip their wing feathers; females can be loud, but if you need quiet ducks consider having a group of males.

I love these little guys! They are the only poultry I keep. While there are other breeds I like, I choose to specialize in only this breed and have several national champions.



Pros: quiet and cute

Cons: na

I can't wait to get my quartet of apricot calls and they are gunna be beautiful :D:D:)
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