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Carolina Blue Sex-Link EE


Pros: Broody, if you want a Broody. Very Pretty Chicken, Quiet and takes confinement well

Cons: Agressive to other hens. Broody. Does not seem to be a great layer.

I love my "Beauty" She is a very Pretty girl, however between her broodiness and her molt she laid only 3 months out of her first year.  Her eggs are a beautiful Olive color and she is quiet. Her aggressiveness is Non-prejudice. She pecks at the other hens indiscriminately. She is a quiet layer, not too much of an egg song, and very gentle towards people.  I would definitely get this breed again if for nothing else ... for the color of her eggs!





Carolina Blue Sex-Link EE

These blue sex-linked birds lay green/dark green eggs. The chicks are fat little handfuls with adorable, puffy cheeks and will be 100% blue! Sexing the chicks at hatch is easy: the males have a white dot on their head and the females are solid blue. As adults the birds will range from very light to very dark blue. Once they start laying, the hens will produce three to five eggs in different shades of green each week.

Breed PurposeOrnamental
Climate ToleranceCold
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ColorGreen
Breed TemperamentUnkown
Breed Colors/VarietiesBlue
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Carolina Blue Sex-Link EE