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Pros: Meaty

Cons: Not People Friendly, Nervous, Messy

Not really good pets.


huh i couldn't disagree more, a little training, a little love, and a lot of patients and they are the best pets in the world! mine started out like that, but now they like to be pet, like to get in my lap and cuddle, and like to just hang with me. sorry! Cayugas rock.
I would have to disagree as well. Mine is not a lap duck but is personable and if I pick him up, once I catch him, he sits nicely for the kids to pet and has never tried to peck anyone!
sorry i have 2 drakes and they are great and they are talkitive to me when i am out there. they are very friendly and are not nervous at all. but the key to all of this is in how you raise them. the less contact they have with people the more they will act like you have discribed.
messy 99% of ducks are messy. if you are going to own ducks expect nothing but a mess from water its completely normal.
they are great pets to. they are one of the easiest birds (next to some of the chickens) that my 2.5 year old can handle and they dont mind that at all
I only had one female and she was very sweet. She did need time to warm up to others but not much.
Key is how you raise them. Our cayugas and aconas are all sweet vocal and playful. Truly pleasurable ducks to have on the farm.
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