Pros: very nice, cuddly, good mother, great pet

Cons: none

Cochins are among my favorite breeds. I had never had an aggressive cochin, even the roosters are super sweet. smile.png They are very cuddly and love attention making them wonderful pets. Even though I have heard cochins are poor layers mine lay an egg a day, except for in the winter.


Pros: Very kind, sweet, a perfect pet, was a great egg layer

Cons: You will cry until no more tears will come out when the Cochin dies/ A snob!

My White Cochin's name was JC.
JC was a very wonderful pet to me.
She would do what I called a ROCKET SQUAT!
For some reason(s) JC was NOT a poor egg layer.
She would lay 7 days a week!
If I couldn't count on my other chickens to lay, my lovely JC would have an egg for me!

One of the funny "cons" would be that JC was quite the snob!
To the point of her snobbiness you COULDN'T HELP BUT LOVE HER!!!
She would always give you a "Are you serious?" Look~

Nobody in my flocked loved food more than good ole' JC the White Cochin.
If you're interested in a breed that's fluffly and sweet... So squishable...
Try your hand at a WHITE COCHIN!

But please note that not all Cochins will lay well.



Pros: friendly, dedicated, protective mamas, soft, fluffy, people pleasers

Cons: none

Bantam Cochins are my favorite chickens.   yesss.gif

They are people friendly, don't fly off, are talkative and motivated, THE best broody hens I ever owned!  My balls of fluff have incubated & hatched their own,  turkey, peafowl and Ducks eggs for me!  They incubate, brood and raise all their hatches for as long as the babies want them to mother them. The odd species they raise do not think they are chickens.  They eventually wander away from their fluffy mama and live as their species intended. 



Pros: Sweet, affectionate, calm, great mothers, fluffy, and easy to raise.

Cons: You'll end up wanting 50 cochins.

My first cochin was a plain little red girl, and she was the bomb. She raised three broods of chicks each year, and she'd come up when we called her name to get petted. Cochins make the best pet chickens, because they're so personable and sweet. They're calm around children and aren't flightly. They're just overall awesome chicks. I will be getting a couple more some day. :]


Pros: VERY friendly, calm, sweet, gets along well with other breeds

Cons: You'll get attached to them, mud may stay get on their feet

These are the best chickens I have had.

They are SO friendly and sweet.

I love them so much :) Great with kids too

and their feet are so adorable


One of my favorite breeds so far!! With the exception of a rooster I gave away, they have all been super friendly, smart, playful birds. One of the ones I owed was especially special. She was my kid's favorite pullet, Roo. She played with them everytime they were outside and loved being pushed around the yard in the back of a Tonka dump truck.


Pros: Very very friendly, great brood hens, cutest breed

Cons: There aren't any!

Cochins are definately my absolute favorite breed! They are extremely friendly and make great pets, especially for kids. Mine come running when they see me, even the ones that weren't hand raised from chicks. 


Theyre the cutest chicks, have lots of different color varieties and are very popular. I rarely hear anyone speak badly of them


Pros: The cold does not bother them at all! Tamed very easily.

Cons: Summers are hard for them.

If you have them under the right conditions (stress free) they will lay almost every day! They are great birds for cold weather because of the mass amount of feathers. Summers can be very hard for them with overheating and extra measures must be taken to make sure they are okay. They make wonderful pets. I got mine and they had not been around humans for the first year and a half of their lives after a few short weeks they were very tame. I would highly recommend as pets.


Pros: Very friendly and sweet. Very entertaining ball of feather's.. Child friendly..

Cons: Care to the feathers on the feet as they come in each year. Not to break a blood feather..

I enjoyed bantams growing up.. Can never go wrong having these sweet chickens. :cd Eggs are optional, but welcomed as they are laid...:celebrate


Getting ready to hatch :jumpya few Cochin bantam eggs this spring to enjoy them once again as my sweet pets... Been looking through for those selling the eggs from the colors I am wanting.

Because pets are a labor of love and may as well go for the breed and the colors you love the most.. :love


I have fallen in love with the Mottled and Milli/calico....cochin bantams..  :yiipchick


Oh heck, I just love all the colors. But unfortunately limited to how many girls I can have.. 




That is my thought!! :frow


Pros: Polite, quiet bird. Broody and motherly.

Cons: Feathers on feet get dirty and torn up. Not the best layers or meat birds.

I bought these standard sized birds specifically for brooding and raising chicks. I like the variety of color you get with them. One of my hens went broody after laying only two eggs. They aren’t top layers nor are they very meaty but they do have two major advantages. They brood and raise chicks well and with their temperment, feathered feet, and variety of colors, they make great pet chickens.


Cochins came from China in the 19th Century. They were recognized by the APA in 1874. They were originially called the Shanghai which was the same term used for another feather legged breed, the Brahma. They are reported to be low egg producers of small tinted to light brown eggs. They are robust and cold hardy, weighing an average 8.5 lbs.

Breed PurposeOrnamental
Climate ToleranceCold
Egg ProductivityLow
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ColorLight Brown
Breed TemperamentFriendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile
Breed Colors/VarietiesWhite, Blue, Black, Buff, Red, Partridge and various other newer colors, Splash
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
APA/ABA ClassAsiatic
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Ornamental
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Frequent
Climate Tolerance: Cold

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Small
Egg Color: Light Brown

Breed Temperament:

Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Quiet,Docile

Breed Colors / Varieties:

White, Blue, Black, Buff, Red, Partridge and various other newer colors, Splash

Breed Details:

My personal experience with the standard aka Giant Cochin, is that they are friendly, docile, easily handled and curious birds. They mature slowly and are usually the last to begin laying in a mixed flock. They are moderate layers of a medium light brown egg and a must for cold weather climates. They thrive in the winter and lay throughout. They do require some extra care in sustained temperatures above 90 due their size and additional feathering. Inspecting them for injury is a good idea because all of their fluff and feathers can hide minor injuries which can become worse if left untreated. They look like they are wearing pantaloons when you see them walking away strictly because of their fluffy feathered legs. They make an excellent pet and are excellent mothers. A special thanks to Sandford Cochins for sharing a picture of her rooster and a chick with me to put here.