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Coturnix Quail Reviews


Jumbo Coturnix (Japanese Quail)


Pros: fast incubation, fast maturation

Cons: licensing if required by State?

Jumbo Coturnix (Japanese Quail) a fast-growing, excellent entry level "game" bird for meat and eggs.   incubation time is very short, chicks grow very fast and with good stock and strict husbandry efforts a decent covey of birds can be propagated to produce meat, eggs and new stock.   Many different breeders have created "call names" for their birds. These, sometimes colorful, "call names" may have in time evolved into "lines" or "strains", e.g.,. XLD1, Texas A&M, James Marie, etc   Basically, the "Jumbo Browns" and "Jumbo Whites" are the larger Japanese Quail.   When looking for quality foundation stock it may be best to search out multiple...
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Perfect bird!


Pros: Eggs are great, meat is better.

Cons: Finding game feed can be a challenge

I raise coturnix for both eggs and meat. Easy to keep, non aggressive to people. Laws vary by state. For someone without a lot of room, its a great answer to fresh eggs! Really enjoyable birds, can be quite personable.

Coturnix Quail


Pros: Small, Prolific, Quite, Beautiful

Cons: Flighty, Somtimes hard to keep alive when chicks

These are a good breed of quail for beginners. They can lay eggs all year long if given the right conditions even on snowy and rainy days ( my chickens quit laying ). They are very quite and the males have a soft and beautiful "crow". My quails have recently been moved to quail run instead of a hutch and fly around crazily at times and I am afraid they will hurt themselves. My quail chicks sometimes do good and sometimes not so good. My first batch of quail I had 50 hatch and 45 lived another time I had 50 hatch and only 11 live. Overall a very good bird.

Coturnix japonica (The Japanese Quail)


Pros: Great Egg Producers, Great meat, Perfect Pets, Many colors!

Coturnix quail are part of the "Old World Quail," a term used to describe quail in the phasianidae family of birds. Coturnix Quail, the Chinese Blue Breasted "Button" Quail, and the African Harlequin Quail are classified in the "Old World Quail" grouping. The Wild European coturnix, also classified as Coturnix coturnix (common quail), have been widely distributed throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, along with several sub-species. The Japanese Quail, Coturnix japonica, from which our domestic quail have been developed, are sometimes considered to be a different species, but in actuality, is identical to the European Coturnix. They are a migratory bird, dwelling on the ground....
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vancouver chicks

corturnix quail


Pros: good egg layer

Cons: very high strung

A very amusing energetic bird, I have now have them hand trained but it took a lot of time and patience. Very high strung and nervous. Hops very high and takes off when startled. Lays almost daily. The eggs are about the size of a thumb nail. Look great boiled and put whole into salads or as garnishes. I feed them the same chicken crumble that I feed my chickens. Plus vegies and grains.

Great quail to raise


Pros: grows fast and lays like crazy

Cons: Predators love quail as much as humans

Pros:  The grow fast and can lay consistently with 12 hours of light. They are not very noisy and most do not mind human contact. They can be moved to an outside growout pen in 3-4 weeks and ready to harvest around 7-8 weeks.   Cons: Predators love to eat quail too!  Must have a secure pen for quail. Mature quail will pick on and even kill younger quail if introduced into the pen. Must keep younger quail in a different pen until they are mature. Too many males can lead to picking and death. Must cull extra and aggressive males. I use a ratio of 1 male to 2 females and have very few problems. They will waste lots of food if given the chance. Best option for me...
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The Duck Ladie

Good little Birds!


Pros: Require little space, Lay well (When it's warm), Quiet, cute

Cons: They spill their food EVERYWHERE! , Some will make a Dash,

We have four of these little birds. They are very Cute, as well as very quiet. They don't require much space. They all lay at a steady rate (When it is warm, as soon as the cold hits they shutdown) The main Con is that they spill their food EVERYWHERE. You have to have a pan (We used a Baking Sheet) under their feeder (If you have wire caging). One of ours tries to escape when I open the lid to the coop, she once did it while the cat was nearby, thankfully I grabbed the cat.

Good but skittish


Pros: Easily tamed, small

Cons: Flighty, nervous

I have 3 mature Coturnix quails. If you raise them from a young age, they can be very tame and friendly and you ca handle them a lot but if you acquire them at an older age, they might be very skittish. These quail can fly very high but only for short periods of time.   For the best results, you should try incubating their eggs and raising some chicks. The chicks are really tiny and imprint very quickly, especially if you only have one. You must interact and handle them frequently or they will lose interest in you when they are adults. However, it is recommended that you should keep more than one individual, as they are quite sociable.   If you are new to raising quail, you...
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Great Starter Game Birds


Pros: Fast Maturing, Great Layers, Dark Tasty Meat, Variety of Colors, Small, Quiet

Cons: Flighty (prone to injuring themselves), Smelly, Kill Grass, Messy, Finding Feed

We recently got half a dozen of these little birds in a variety of colors to keep primarily as pets and egg layers. Because we've seen such a huge difference in temperament depending on color, I will describe each below.   WHITES Hands down our favorite variety. They are a good size, lay medium to large eggs, and are extremely bold and friendly. We initially got two, but both turned out to be males and we had to get a third female. All the whites are very easily handled and, when allowed out, don't try very desperately to escape our clutches. Our white female is actually very protective of her cage mate and has actually feigned injury to us to protect her (even though they are...
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Perfect quail breed!


Pros: Matures fast, great layers, excellent meat

Cons: None that I can think of!

The Coturnix quail is the best quail breed out there. They are great layers, which are small to medium in size. They mature fast, so you don't have to wait long to get meat out of them. Their meat is tender and delicious.
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