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Crested White Reviews


Personable, adorable ducks!


Pros: people-loving, lots of personality, mature quickly, adorable

Cons: crest is caused by sometimes-lethal gene

My crested ducks - not all of which are white - are amazing. They love people and tamed very easily. They have unique, quirky personalities, have no problem fitting in with new flockmates, and love to be handled. Their crests, which vary from barely-there to large-and-in-charge double crests, make them utterly adorable and the "centerpiece" of the flock. They went from tiny, newborn ducklings to fully feathered in less than two months. Breeding them is sort of a morality dilemma - their crests are caused by a gene that causes a small hole in the top of the skull, which can be lethal, causing some eggs to never hatch. That being said, I think everyone should have at least one Crested,...
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Pros: very sweet, calm, and love attention!

Cons: can be scared easy

i have 2 white crested, a drake and a hen, they are very sweet and calm, they don't have a HUGE crest in their heads but they have medium sized ones, they love to swim and they are not as messy as other ducks with water. they are one the most docile birds i have. 

I love this breed.


Pros: Very Friendly. Good looking. Center of attention.

Cons: (pooping just like any other duck)

I love this breed honestly. They are really friendly with me and the other animals in the yard. They are the center of attention when people come around. I recommend this duck.

Love my Baby!


Pros: Very friendly easy to tell if crested

Cons: Do not have all crested ducklings

I love my baby! They are the coolest ducks very comical to watch, they enjoy waddling in lines and don't need much room to swim. When you breed crested they have non-crested and crested ducklings but you can tell at day one!
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