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I love my male. He's looking for a hen if you have one.

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Pros: Great foreger, great personality, sweet, great with hens, loyal to his girls, great fighter! Docile, handome, sleek, doesn't eat much.

Cons: Doesn't like to be held, looks like a greasy teenager in need of a shower when wet. that's all I got. I love my male, named him Bob Marley

Hi guys, I'm looking for a female for my boy. I want this breed to populate again, and so I'm trying to find him a lady. if you have crevecour hatching eggs please hit me up.


Bob is amazing to his girls. He gets along great with my other rooster and they work in great harmony against predetors. Bob is quite the scraper when his girls are in trouble, while my Araucana leads the girls away from danger. 

Bob's got spurs that could kill a cougar. His afro impairs his vision a little so he runs sideways most of the time. He's an amazing bird, but I wish he'd let me pick him up sometimes.

when I first got him years ago (photo included)  he was malnourished, infested with mites and had anemia very badly and had lost his tale due to feather eating, his feet were turning inward due to a lack of vitamins. He recovered beautifully after several months. I'll try to find a new photo for an updated picture.


He's adorable. I wish I had a female crevecoeur for him! 
wherever did you find him???  I have been looking for years.  Only one I knew that had 2 of them got them from a Conservancy.  Are they also being called Le Fleche now?  I don't see a difference n them but my vision is not very good.  Can anyone tell me please?
My comment didn't post.  I wondered where you found a crevecouer because I have looked for years.  I have asked on here but no one seems to raise them.  I only know of 2 that a guy got from a Conservancy.  He sold the pair for more than I have :)  If you find anymore, please let me know.  And can anyone tell me the difference between a crevecouer and a Le Fleche..they look alike to me.  Thanks, j
Thanks J,
We got our boy from a local show group here. The woman retired and couldn't keep up with casing for them, so we paid $5 for him. 
At the time, he was in pretty sad shape. He's long since recovered and has lots of females, but no Crevecours. He fell into chicken love with one of our olive egg hens and the two were inseparable for the last couple years now. For the first year neither of them would even mate with another chicken lol. 
When I seperate the flock by breed, we plan to keep the two together and then just add in some other girls. 
As I understand it the Le Fleche is the father of the crevecour, and is mixed with a breed that no longer exists. The closest that I've found is a polish hen.
crevecour have a very distinct crow. I'll post my video of him crossing if I can find it.
I hope you find him some pretty girls.  I do know that Ideal Poultry has them and I was on a wait list there for over a year when they finally called me.  I had to turn it down because I didn't get paid for another 10 days.( You must buy 25 chicks + shipping) They said they would be ready the middle of February till first part of March.  I called February 14 and they are sold out and wait listed into 2018.  I am 66 years old.  My health isn't great but I refuse to die till I get my flock of crevecoeurs!!! Can't wait to hear yours..I have a pig that barks like my
Well don't you go anywhere just yet, I have a lead on one and I'll send you some hatching eggs when I come up with them.
well, can't hardly turn that down.  Hope you find him a flock-mate.  Terrific, grats.  If they have more than you need..let me know :)
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