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Dominique Reviews

Positive Reviews


American Dominiques


Pros: Friendly, Thrifty, good producers, great tasting, beautiful, great mothers. second year hens lay mostly large eggs.

Cons: Medium egg for first year pullets

I Love Dominiques! Besides being our oldest native American breed, they are specifically suited for North America. Last summer we had temperatures to 110 F for a week, and the entire summer was the warmest on record for our area. In the winter it frequently get to below 0 F. They continue to lay about 1 egg every other day. The cockerels are fantastic eating. We process ours at about 26 weeks, and they average about 5 lbs. dressed. The pullets start laying at between 18-22 weeks. Slower developing than some other breeds, this Heritage chicken breed has time to develope flavor that you don't get in store bought chicken. Very friendly, and easy to manage. In November-December 2012, our 12...
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Love the breed!


Pros: Docile, winter egg layers, long lifespan, foragers

Cons: Smaller egg size than some hybrid layers

Egg size is only downside - lay up to a large egg, a few extra large but they are not supposed to lay huge eggs as they are a smaller bird. Very feed efficient ounce per ounce get way more eggs product from them, and more meat product especially if they can free range. Love the breed, have a ton breed more each year I'm addicted. Very cold tolerant and lay lots of eggs in the winter when other breeds (even the other cold tolerant ones it seems) are slowing way down. I have tried other breeds known for their foraging abilities but the Dominiques make the other breeds look a bit lazy, they will be out in the orchard sunup to sundown and don't touch the food in the feeder if they have a...
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Negative Reviews


Not my fav breed


Pros: Daily layer

Cons: VERY LOUD, excellent escape-artist, smaller eggs

I have 8 hens that are allowed to free-range all day. LucyAnn, my only Dominique, is my problem-child. She jumps over my fence and stands at my backdoor baulking loudly whenever she's hungry, bored and/or cranky. Her baulking starts at 6am but doesn't stop until after sunset. My neighbors have complained about her noise. Half a dozen times a day, I'm chasing her out of the dog run, out of my garden, and out from under the porch deck.   Even though her eggs are smaller, she is a reliable layer.  Her feathers are soft and she is friendly with children and adults.
5th chick

Personality Change


Pros: good egg layer

Cons: became vicious

Our Dominique is close to a year old.  She was constantly handled and loved to sit in our laps for love and petting.  she would lightly peck at our pant leg to get us to pick her up, and she would peck at the back door to get us to let her inside.  One day in January, she was sitting with her head down and not moving.  She was clearly sick.  Since she was our favorite I took her to a Avian & Exotic animal vet.  The pumped her up with antibiotics and other fluids and sent me home with two RX's that we had to shove down her throat twice a day for two weeks.  She got well but has never been the same.  She charges us to bit us, and she bits so...
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More Reviews


Really great breed


Pros: Friendly, calm, docile, outgoing, good egg layer

Cons: None

I know I shouldn't choose favorites, but my 3 Dominique hens really are my favorite chickens. Each one of them has tons of personality. One will peck my pants until I go and get a treat. Another will be sneaky and get around behind me and peck my butt (while the first one is still pecking my pants) until I get a treat for them.    They each lay 4-5 eggs/wk and are very friendly, they even come up on the driveway to greet me when I'm trying to back my car out (in the summer). I often have to get out and shoo the chickens away from the car so that they're not dead chickens.   Dominiques are very calm birds, they don't get scared easily. Unfortunately, my one...
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Pros: SOFT feathers, extremely curious & friendly to humans, soft chirping/vocalizations, imprint quickly to owners, busy foragers, good feed ratio

Cons: Barred feathering can seem boring but excellent camouglage for free-ranging

I had posted this under a Dom comment but had to add this as a review:   I contacted the American Dominique Club fellow listed on its website about the nature of Dominiques. There are many beautiful breeds to choose from and the Dom wasn't my first choice because of the mundane feathering. However I was interested in the Dom because it is a lighter weight LF about 4.5+ lbs average w/ gentle temperament and decent productivity (about 4 eggs/wk) which is what I was looking for to mix w/ a gentle flock of under 5-lb birds. Plus it has a nice camouflage for free-ranging. Huge eggs, color of eggs, or table meat was not as important as temperament w/ somewhat decent productivity. The Dom...
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My favorite


Pros: Super hardy. temps over 100 or below zero doesnt bother them or slow egg production.

Cons: none

They can take any weather and produce eggs every other day. If allowed to free range they will get most of their feed on their own.

One of my favorite breeds!


Pros: Great layers, thrifty, docile

Cons: Non really

Dominique's are one of my all time favorite breeds. They are calm, docile birds, and great layers. I have one hen that is around 7 years old and still lays an egg almost everyday. Domini ques are thrifty birds, and are more lice/mite resistant than other breeds. They are also pretty good mothers, and the roosters are good meat birds. I recommend this breed for your flock!



Pros: Good layers, has a lot of breed history, generally tame.

Cons: Look really similar to Barred Rocks and that confuses people.

 Dominiques are a pretty good breed! They are fairly good layers and have a lot of unique history. Dominiques were one of the first chicken breeds brought to America and still remain one of the oldest breeds. They are also generally tame. The only down point is that a lot of people get them confused with Barred Rocks; not noticing their rose comb difference. Dominiques aren't my most favorite breed because the Barred pattern isn't really my style of bird. But, that's just my opinion, if you do like their pattern than this is your breed.

Great layers, great personalities, great foragers,


Pros: Good camoflauage coloring, great layers, good in cold weather, friendly, beautiful, talkactive, great foragers

Cons: none

I purchased my first Dominiques from Cackle Hatchery in Missouri and they were very true to true Dom standard. My next pullets are on order from McMurray, because I wanted Marck's vaccinations.   My Dominiques are beautiful girls, each has a very distinct personality, the Dom hens seem to be the rulers of the roost. They have the best camoflauage from predators of any of my hens. They are great foragers, while the other hens are relaxing in the sun, my Doms are out scratching and eating bugs.   My girls were very good layers too. Mine layed a large to x-large egg nearly everyday. They also tend to be very clean chickens and keep themselves well groomed. I live in...
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Pros: cute,pretty,soft, friendly

Cons: none

they are very pretty and friendly i love them even the roos are nice they are very calm and SO SOFT! i love having them around they are wonderful chickens

Great breed!


Pros: docile, large dark brown eggs

I have a one year old Dominique hen along with 2 black sex link, 1 golden sex link, and one golden langenvelder.  Our Dominique (Bertha) has the most gentle nature.  She lays large, dark brown eggs almost everyday even through the winter (we added additional light in the evenings.)  The black and white speckling of their plumage is beautiful.  I would definitely choose this breed again.  

These are my heart birds!


Pros: Sweet lap chickens..... Totally docile

Cons: Too sweet if in a flock with tough birds

My hens are named Treasure and Special.... That is how I feel about these amazing birds.

Super friendly, very intelligent, GREAT Foragers!


Pros: intelligent, friendly, wonderful foragers

Cons: small - medium eggs

I think Dominiques are underrated.  Very docile, intelligent birds.  They wander and work hard for their meals, foraging all day long.  At first I thought the black and white pattern would be dull, unexciting, but after owning them now for a few months, they are quite beautiful after all.  If handled frequently from the time they are hatched, when they mature, they actually seem to adore the attention and want to be held and petted from time to time.  The only negative thing I could say is about the egg size, they have produced small to medium sized eggs so far which has been a bit of adjusting.    I highly recommend this breed. A wonderful all around...
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