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A must have for the egg basket

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Easter Eggers

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Pros: Friendly, full of personality, beautiful

Our three Easter Eggers have more personality individually than the entire flock combined.  Sandy is always the first one to greet us, running from wherever she's working before the others even look up.  Chip chatters, tells you about her entire day and makes sure you are listening.  Honey believes she's perpetually broody but continues to go about her chicken business, crabby all the way.  If you sell eggs, they're invaluable in my opinion.  You can't get green and blue eggs at the grocery store.  That alone makes local eggs worth the extra money.   They're beautiful when combined with the brown eggs.  I love to see the customers' faces when they find several colored eggs scattered in their cartons.  Their pea combs are a plus in the northern climates as well.  No frostbite!  Hands down, they're the favorite birds in my flock and I hope to always have a couple of Easter Eggers, not only for their beautiful eggs but for their great character.





Chip with her saddle, she's the rooster's favorite



Honey (as a pullet)



Easter Egger eggs and brown eggs.  Sandy lays the large, speckled

olive eggs AND the sage green eggs.  Honey lays the blue and

Chip lays a brown egg that is always darker on one end and looks

almost airbrushed (not pictured).



Agree with you about their personalities. It seems our two week-old EE chicks are the calmest, easiest to catch, and friendliest chicks in our flock of 13. They will actually go to sleep in your hands!
I agree also, ours started a bit skittish but now are the ones who want to be sitting on your hand and carried into the house by the kids. Very curious gals.
I hope to have as good natured birds as you seem t have. I'm just starting my flock. I picked up to Amereraucana's yesterday and had a 3rd coming with 8 other breeds Mother's day week. Just in time to rotate the brooder. My two little ones already seemed to bond (one more than the other) by the end of yesterday. My hubby is touching them to so they will get used to being handled. They kept peeping later in the day, maybe they missed all of the others. When ever I went in and started talking to them they quieted down and came over to rub against my hand.
Our EE's range from Creampuff--who's scared to death of anything that isn't a chicken and won't let me within 10 feet of her--to Chipmunk, who would jump into my hands as a chick and is still one of my most easy-going and friendly birds. They're very sharp birds with keen survival instincts, great laying ability, and very healthy. They are also remarkable flyers--one night when Creampuff got locked out of the run before she could get in to bed, she just flew her way to the top of the coop and roosted there instead--a feat which would have been downright dangerous for any of my larger, heavier birds who probably would have gotten themselves strangled in the bird netting instead. It makes me feel a lot better letting them out to range when I know they can take care of themselves so well, and I love having their gorgeous blue and green eggs in my assortment..
i feel the same about my golden laced Cochin bantam(duckling!) there is a lot of personality packed into that tiny little body!
hi looking to start my flock i raised rhode island reds and the roos where just so mean! looking forward to their gentleness, where did you get yours! any washington or oregon breeders not much into shipping and americaunas in ladyrsanti and others do you find the nice egg colors from certain lines any in my area? or are yours perchased at the hatcherys? any welcome posts much appreciated! anybody near Vancouver washington have some chicks whose parents lay the bright egg colors? please email thanks!
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