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EcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder

89% Positive Reviews


Pros: No fire hazard

Cons: Can't see the chicks

I had a bad experience with both the large & small ones of these. The chicks would pile up underneath & I would have to lift it up daily to remove dead chicks. You can't see the chicks underneath there so you have to pick it up to check on their health & welfare. It was a good idea, but doesn't work so great.


Pros: Safe, easy

Cons: Some chicks will roost and poop on the top

The above reviews say most of why we love this brooder - safe, effective, and cozy. I'd add that it maintains a normal sleep/wake cycle for the chicks. Unlike light-brooded chicks, that will often poke around all night long and stay quite noisy, EcoGlow brooded chicks settle in as night falls and sleep until first light. It's wonderful to see them stretched out like little lambs, heads and necks outside the brooder and bodies warm inside. I think it helps them eat and digest more effectively; they are enthusiastic and active in the morning with empty crops like they should have. They tuck themselves in with full "tummies." VERY highly recommended. 


Pros: Easy to use, low electric use

Cons: None!

This product has made brooding new chicks infinately easier!  No worries about burning the birds, the coop or the bedding.  The adjustable (screw type) legs make adjusting this item super easy.  The top does become a 'roosting platform' for older chicks - but is very easily cleaned with just a flat-bladed tool (like a plastic putty knife you'd use to fill nail holes in walls with) and a bit of water - of course if it's unplugged!


Speaking of the plug - it's a generous 10+' long!  Much like a laptop cord, there is a box 1/2 way up the cord, so the part that the chicks are around is really thin and easy to put through any size mesh neeting lid. 


Despite the high cost of this item, I found I could keep 25 birds happily warm until they were a month old (meat birds that had reached nearly 2 lbs each!).  Well worth the cost.  If you are brooding smaller batches (say under 10), I'd consider the smaller Ecoglow 20.  But if you're doing large numbers of birds, this is the one to get for your chicks!


Pros: Very safe, no overheating, chicks love it, great success with it

Cons: The legs are a little flimsy, but not too bad

Have never regretted purchasing this unit. Brooding with a heat lamp can be so dangerous. The chicks love it, you can adjust the height on both ends in the event that you have a diverse size of chicks. Would highly recommend ++++++++


Pros: 60 watts vs. 250 watts, reduced fire risk, easy to use, easy to clean.

Cons: The purchase price, which I have forgotten already.

I am summer brooding around 60 Banty chicks under this EcoGlow 50, it has never been so easy to set up and get going. With no temp controls except the leg height adjustments, it is for the most part just 'plug n play.' Yes they get on top, so what? If you have chickens and don't have a good scraper around, well you should get one. My chicks seem to just love the electric hen, I am feeling the same way I suppose. 


They snuggle down under it and many pop their heads out the sides, cute in the nth degree. Everyone seems happy, no loud chirping or other disturbing noise from the brooder. I no longer fear cooking my birds with the heat lamp. A heat lamp is a terribly inefficient device. And very, very hot, ever touched the end of a hot one? I'm sure you won't forget it. The EcoGlow is just good and warm to the touch. Ever had a lamp break over your brooder, and the chicks go after the glass? As an appliance the fire danger is the same as a coffee maker or toaster, always a chance but few go without them. We have had three barn fires in Cache Valley this spring, all from heat lamps, one family made their living from their hobby farm. Very sad, all could have been prevented with this EcoGlow.


It is safe, it works, I feel much better about things. I've already forgotten the sting of the purchase price. But I don't have to rush to 'check' the lamp all of the time… So if you are in it for real, you should consider getting one or the other EcoGlows. I believe I am going to enjoy it immensely.




Pros: NO risk of fire, chicks relax quickly, very adjustable

Cons: You can't see the chicks unless you lift it up, the poop on top

I have to say I looked at reviews everywhere for this thing. I read almost every one, good or bad. I LOVE this thing!


The heat lamps give me fits over risking a fire with something so hot and I wanted an alternative. I have had no problems with it other than the chicks went under it right away, straight out of the shipment box and I didn't see them again for a while. Not really a problem, just a bummer I couldn't check them out first.


It is big enough for the 25, now 24 chicks I have. NO overheating, if they get warm they just come out. I can raise one side at a time so the smaller ones can snuggle up deeper and the bigger ones don't get squished. They use the top as a runway, albeit a poopy one, but I just scrape it off every couple of days with a litter scoop.


All said, this the EcoGlow50 was a no-brainer for me. The energy use is minimal compared to those bulbs. Yay energy savings!


Try one, you'll love it.


Pros: no fire risk

I just ordered this it was on sale for 109.99 that is $20. off the list price at Brinsea I will be able to sleep without worrying my house will catch on fire with the lamps. I had a new bulb blow out on me after a week luckily I had a back up bulb to use. Rated a five for safety


Pros: Simple to use, Not a fire hazard in my barn

Cons: Gets dirty fast, not good very very cold temps

I have the Ecoglo 20 ( a smaller size model) and love it. It works fantastically for raising newly hatched chicks chicks  The only downfall it has is that it doesn't work well a very low temps so I need to keep an eye on the nightly lows for a late fall batch of chicks 


Pros: Uses radiant heat to keep chicks warm. Adjustable heights. Saves in electricity and no risk of fire.

Cons: Can't see chicks underneath.

I own both sizes of the Brinsea EcoGlow Chick Brooder and I love them and highly recommend them to everyone interested in raising baby chicks.  Not only did I save on electricity, but I didn't have to worry about pine shavings or paper towels catching on fire.  The EcoGlow is easy to clean and set up.  No need to worry about adjusting heat lamps every week.  Chicks go under the EcoGlow when they are cold and come out when they are hungry, thirsty, or want to play.


The EcoGlow 20 was $59.99 and the EcoGlow 50 was $129.99.

EcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder

he EcoGlow brooder is a clean, safe, tough and extremely economical chick brooder with a a highly efficient low cost heating system. Designed for newly hatched (poultry) chicks to keep them snug and warm and your electricity bills low. An indicator light confirms the brooder is connected. The EcoGlow brooder top can also be used to keep your breeder or pet birds warm. For this purpose, you would place it on the side of the cage where the perches are attached so that they can nestle close to it whilst on the perch. 2 years warranty

FeatureDimensions: ~ 22 x 16 x 9 inches (56 x 41 x 23 cm) high
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
Product Type NamePET_SUPPLIES
TitleEcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder
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