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Farm Innovators "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain - 3 Gal. Model HPF-100, 100-Watt

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Pros: Can't think of any...

Cons: short cord, flimsy plastic, hard to refill...what a pain!

For summer I have a metal fount. For Christmas I asked for a heated base for my fount, and DH came home with this.  I didn't complain, and we gave it a try.  By mid-January we gave it up in favor of breaking ice every morning.  It's hard to refill without getting soaked, and it's made of some pretty seriously cheap materials.  I think I'll get a font base this winter.


Pros: None

Cons: Hard to fill, hard to carry, hard to plug in.

I was very disappointed in this waterer.  It is difficult to fill using the bottom opening.  If you remove the base to fill, it is very difficult to get the base back on.  It is also hard to carry without sloshing water everywhere.  The plug is located in the base (no cord) so I worry about getting shocked when I attach the extension cord to it.  I switched to heated dog water bowls for my chickens this year and am much happier with them.


Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Everything.

We bought this heated chicken waterer today because our chickens' water keeps freezing in the 28 degree, snowy weather and we wanted our chickens to have access to proper water, not frozen chunks. 


We didn't even have the chance to see how well this piece of junk heated the water. 


The first time after filling it, we were unable to even flip it bottom down. The bottom immediately fell off, dousing my mother's legs with water in this freezing weather. The bottom had flown off and water was everywhere-and remember, it's literally freezing outside. Our driveway is going to be coated with ice now, thanks a lot "Farm Innovators." 

But you know, we decided maybe it's just a fluke, we'll try again! 


Well, mom fills it again (mind you, it takes a while to fill it because this junky creation is a ridiculous size) and tries to give it another chance. She takes it outside, and manages to flip it over for a second time, and the bottom stays!- for a brief moment at best. As soon as she starts taking it down to the chickens, the bottom yet again becomes loose and falls off, again, dousing her already soaked legs and feet with water in this cold, winter weather. 


Really, "Farm Innovators"- we appreciate the bath. REALLY. (Please note the sarcasm.) 


So we say screw it. My mom sets it down and a family friend puts the bottom on, moves it just slightly, and the bottom falls off- without even the added extra weight of water- if that tells you how badly this is made. And the family friend is astonished by the fact the bottom only hooks on a half inch! 


Poor design. This horrible item isn't worth TEN dollars, nevermind forty-five or however much it was listed as. Not worth it in the least. Skip this, find something better and proper, even if it's slightly more expensive. ANYTHING is better than this thing.


Pros: Heated

Cons: hard to fill without making a mess.

For me this waterer to be a huge disappointment. I find it to be difficult to fill without using a hose. It sloshes everywhere when you turn it over and the bottom has popped completely off on me twice dumping its contents all over. I did not find it to be a good replacement to the metal waterers and heated base.


Pros: It does keep water thaw down to single digits Farenheit.

Cons: Leaks, comes apart, seal fails.

You have to use a level because the water port is at nearly the same height as the rim and any slight lean and all the water will leak out.

The tabs holding the two pieces together are so short and narrow and the reservoir so thin and flimsy that it frequently comes apart when you turn it over after filling.  It isn't fun filling your boots with water when it is 0F outside.

I bought 2 of these and because they're such a pain to use, I avoid using them unless absolutely necessary. I keep them in the basement so not exposed to UV radiation. In spite of this, the one I've only used twice sprung a leak on the top so it won't hold water no matter what I do.

It will keep water thaw in mildly freezing temperatures but not worth a fraction of the cost.


Pros: I can't think of any

Cons: Poor construction, design and extremely difficult to use.

What a waste of money.  Its like they didn't even have any idea what the end product was supposed to be used for and just made it "look good".  I'd lay odds that no one who designed this thing had ever owned a chicken. 


The tabs that hold the top on are very loose and don't hold anything in place.   9 times out of 10 when the waterer is filled and flipped top side up the bottom pops off and drenches your legs and feet as well as the run.  I never did get the top to stay on if i filled the waterer even half full. 


The plastic of the top is also extremely soft and floppy in warm weather, it adds to the difficulty of keeping the top on when its flipped over.  Then if you do get lucky and it stays together the water level in the drinking area is so high even a tiny bit off level all the water leeks out.   When the weather gets cold the plastic turns so hard it becomes brittle.  With the temperatures only in the lower 40's I pooped the top onto the ground preparing to fill it and the top just shattered.  I never did get to try the heated base.  To be honest i am afraid to plug it in.


Pros: You can put a regular dog bowl on top of the heated base

Cons: Clumsy, poor construction, difficult to transport, freezes

I bought this for use in my covered run during winter. The design is difficult to use. I fill it at the tap, carry it upside down uphill through the snow to the coop with water sloshing everywhere. Then I attatch the base and hope I got it on there right so it does not pop off when I flip it over to set on a cinderblock. After a couple of months, the white part cracked. I now set a dog bowl on top of the heated base and that is sufficient to keep the ice away on most days. When temperatures are in the single digits, I will sometimes float a microwavable heat disc in the bowl, but most days I find this is not necessary.


Pros: It works , easy to see how much water left

Cons: not easy to fill without spilling,

I own 5 of these. I only use in the winter. They do keep water from freezing. My 2 oldest ones did not have short cords factory attached to the base. Those are more prone to popping the circuit breaker than any of the newer type that have a short cord attached. I hung them from the ceiling the first 2 years. That made them easier to splash the bedding and more cleanup.  I now have them on solid blocks which solved the problem caused by hanging them. They work well for winter conditions. They don't cost as much to run as some heated water bases. Can not be used outside where wind will chill faster that base can keep water thawed.


Pros: does stop water from freezing

Cons: bad design,

We needed a water fountain that wouldn't freeze so for $35.99 I bought this.  First off the little plug thing which it states to use to fill, hmmm tried it once after spending 5 Min's trying to get the dang thing out, then another 5 trying to put it back in not again.  Then you flip it one small twist and 3 gallons of water has just gone over you. I now fill the plastic fountain and then apply the base. The problem is the locking mechanism is held on with a wing and a prayer so again as soon as you turn it over you can bet your bottom dollar you will get wet at least once.  The plastic is flimsy and the handle I am waiting for it to fall off. The cord is incredibly short and unlike the dog water bowls the cord is not protected.  Now I do use it in freezing weather because I have to and it does work to stop the freezing. But I cannot wait not to need it and I love cold weather.

Farm Innovators "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain - 3 Gal. Model HPF-100, 100-Watt

This 3 gallon poultry fountain is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary and prevents water from freezing down to 0°F. Ideal for year round use. One year limited warranty.

BrandFarm Innovators
Feature100 Watts
LabelFarm Innovators
ManufacturerFarm Innovators
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
Product Type NamePET_SUPPLIES
PublisherFarm Innovators
StudioFarm Innovators
TitleFarm Innovators "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain - 3 Gal. Model HPF-100, 100-Watt
Weight3.5 pounds
List Price$42.99
Size2 gallons
Height16 inches
Length12 inches
Width12 inches
WarrantyOne year limited warranty
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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