Not Great, And Worked For Less Than A Month

A Review On: Farm Innovators Model 3300 Egg Candler

Farm Innovators Model 3300 Egg Candler

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Pros: Worked For Viewing Small- Large Light Colored Eggs.

Cons: Price, Can't View Darker Colors, Stopped Working After A Few Weeks

I gave it 1 star for at least working. However this candler suddenly died after 3 weeks. For the price it's not worth it. When mine just quit working I took to the internet to figure out why, or if there was a way to fix it. Turns out- others have had the same experience. This candler isn't reliable. It has a short life span. So I didn't replace it with another, Instead I ended up getting a high powered tactical flashlight with more lumens. I see better with my flashlight than this candler ever did for me. I would not recommend this candler.

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I at first made a candler from a light bulb & a coffee can, but wasn't really happy with it. I bought a Magicfly from Amazon for about $30, and it works just fine, even on my darker eggs, which are BCM x RSL. They aren't quite as dark as pure BCM eggs, but they're still pretty dark.