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Wonderful breed and prolific layer

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Pros: Lays a green egg nearly every day

Cons: Haven't found any yet!


My Favacauna named Raven is the nicest thing, and she lays a large green egg nearly every day. Her feathers have a beautiful blue shine and I absolutely love her feather cheeks. :lau If you are looking to get one of these chickens, know that they won't be on the bottom of the pecking order, as mine has managed to become the most dominant of my flock. One thing that apparently faverolles do (faverolles are in her blood) is a loud peep when they want something, and Raven is no exception. Whenever I have forgotten to give the flock a treat, she will angrily peep at me as if in protest. Another thing about this breed is their extra fifth toe. Sometimes it can creep me out a little, but thats probably me just being overly sensitive. 


Overall. the Favacauna is a wonderful breed, and I can promise, you won't be disappointed with them!


A Favacauna is a Americana/EE mixed with a Faverolle(Salmon(?)) am I correct?
I picked up 3 from mpc. Only one has the 5th toe. ours are 1 black, 1 blue , 1 splash. they are 10 weeks old right now and some of my best looking acting birds.
Favacaunas are a mix of Americanas and Faverolles, Cluckcluck1215.
And I'm pretty sure that because the Favacauna is a mixed breed, not all of the birds will be exactly the same, and some might not have the 5th toe. I also read that the Favacauna should molt and then their blue feathers come in, so if you have a black one, it might be a little more blue once it molts. 
well I call it black but its coloring is close to what you have pictured. The other is a lighter blue color now. I can wait to see the eggs.
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