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Featherman Poultry Plucker With Scalder

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Pros: It is much faster to pluck a bird with this. its easy to use and clean out.

Cons: sometimes bird gets stuck in the corners.

Once a year we buy 100+ cockerel chicks for eating later.once they are ready for processing, we set up shop. cone station, Scald station, plucker then gutting station. 

After they have been killed and scalded, we place them in this and flip the switch. 20 seconds later it comes out clean. This was really the deciding point of wether we wanted to pay the $2 a bird to have someone else do it, or us. This makes all the difference. 

Featherman Poultry Plucker With Scalder

Featherman Pro Poultry Plucker. Simply scald chickens, then drop 4 or 5 birds into the tub. In 20 seconds or less the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, no backache.<br><br> Capacity: 3 - 50 pounds of birds, optimum 30 pounds <br><br> Tub diameter: 22 inches <br> Height: 36 inches <br> Footprint: 25 x 28 inches <br> Weight: 125 lbs. <br> Motor: 1 hp 115 Volts <br><br> Features: <br><br> 1 hp motor<br> 10:1 speed reducer for more power<br> tub and housing constructed of high density UV-resistant, food-grade, molded plastic<br> easy clean-up feather chute<br> water spray ring<br> knee-high waterproof switch<br> 119 ultra-soft plucking fingers <br><br> Featherman Scalder: The goal: No pin feathers. Period. This only happens with a perfect scald. The Featherman Scalder holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald. <br><br> Made of stainless steel with a 70,000 BTU propane burner, temperature control within a five degree range, and sized for four birds at a time (40 gallon), the Featherman Scalder delivers maximum performance at a minimum price. Drain valve, full protective rim, side-mounted chimney and cover tarp are all standard features. One year complete warranty.

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BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Pluckers & Scalders › Featherman Poultry Plucker With Scalder