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A Review On: Featherman Poultry Set Up Special With Chill Tank

Featherman Poultry Set Up Special With Chill Tank

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Pros: Fast, easy to clean and effective. Mine came with the roto-dunker which is a must

Cons: A little pricey--but you get your money's worth

I need to improve my processing efficiency--but we are currently able to process 50 birds in a little over 2 1/2 hours (not because of the equipment--but the hand work).  I've watched those with more experience than us process more than 200 birds per hour.  Clean-up takes less than a half hour and best with a pressure washer--but a regular hose will get you there.  The scalder was effective holding temps on a 30 degree day.  30 seconds and four birds are perfectly clean.

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wow looks like a great setup