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Golden Penciled Hamburg


Pros: Sweet, Calm

Cons: Elusive, Broody

When we got her she was elusive and did not like to be held.  At about a year old she went broody & has turned into the biggest sweetheart but I can't break her brood!


Pros: Pretty, good layer, inquisitive

Cons: Flighty

My Hamburgs are good, consistent layers and beautiful birds. Although a little flighty, they warm up to you after a while and are very curious. Definitely "personality" birds.


Pros: Gentle & intelligent. Savvy when freeranging, very clever and wary of predators.

Cons: hard to find adult hens to buy

I can't say enough good about these birds.  We had two and they were among my top ten favorites of all the chickens we've had so far.  I would not hesitate to get more.


Pros: good natured, docile, decent egg layer

Cons: a little too shy

Phoenix is my GPH and she is very sweet but a little too shy. She won't eat from my hand like my reds do, but she will come near to partake in treats. She's also very smart - quick to follow when I start yelling, "Come here girls!" because she knows it will be worth it!  :)    She's one of the few survivors from the neighbor dog massacre because she's light and fast and can fly up high into the trees, so if you have predators in the area consider them.  And she's by far my most beautiful girl.

Golden Penciled Hamburg

Sweet tempered, docile, lightweight. Average sized eggs, lays almost daily.

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