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Golden Sex Link Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Egg-Layers


Pros: Friendly, hardy, and the best egg-layers around

Cons: None

I recently did some math to see if our five Golden Comets were earning their keep. During the summer I got five eggs per day, every day, and in the winter with no additional lighting I still got four. Assuming they produced an average of 31 eggs per week, that's 124 per month and 1488 per year! Considering a dozen eggs at the grocery store are about three dollars, that's at least $372 in eggs from five hens. It cost maybe $120 to feed them for a year. So these ladies saved us $250 dollars, or $50/each.    Plus, they're really pleasant birds. Ours free-range and are very good at foraging. They like to run up to me if I set foot outside, just in case I'm bringing them a...
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Great birds for this first timer!


Pros: Reliable layer, very large eggs, friendly

Cons: none, so far

 My 3 golden sex links lay reliably as well as very large eggs. We have had about a dozen double yolks since they started laying the middle of January.  They are friendly and when free ranging, come running to me when I enter the back yard. I also have 3 barred rocks, and their eggs are not as large. If I'm short an egg or two, its usually one of the barred rocks taking the day off. (I know due to the size and shape of the eggs, although they are almost identical in color.) The barred rocks seem to be a little more friendly and curious than the golden sex links, but I really have no complaints with either breed. I'm having a blast with my chicks!



Pros: Large Eggs, Friendly, Low Cost, Efficient on Feed, Curious, Energetic, Loyal, No Health Problems, Not Overly Aggressive, Sweet

Cons: There is never enough of them, People get the wrong idea because of a few mean hens out there

My hens lay such large eggs that it sometimes is hard to shut to carton. They lay almost every single day. Only once in a great while one will skip. I have four hens who love to eat out of my hand Ace, Idis, Melisa, and Cydnee. Along with one rooster, Jack. There favorite treat are mealworms. I get them to jump and they will snatch it from my hand if I hold it right. My hens came from a woman-my mom to be exact who had a lot of other chickens. They where picked on and are pretty rough looking, but I am hoping that when the molt there feathers will grow back healthier. My rooster is not aggressive (anymore) twice he has tried to bow up on me but I stopped him right then with a couple of...
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Negative Reviews


Lovely, but never again!


Pros: Docile and beautiful as pets

Cons: Prone to health issues. Be prepared to lose 50% of your flock in the first couple of years.

Mine are almost 3 years old now. I got 6 hens when they were point of lay. They are very lovely birds with beautiful personalities, however we've had a lot of health issues.   1 death at about 12 months old due to complications through sour crop - lots of vet treatments, but she didn't make it. No more eggs laid at about 18-24 months old from any bird. Eggs started becoming soft shelled and easily broken before this. 1 death about about 2 years old due to egg peritonitis - we had to have her euthanised 1 incident with sour crop at about a month ago - vet bills around $200 included an overnight stay, and then we had to force fed for 4-5 days as she didn't restart eating...
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Not kind birds


Pros: vigorous

Cons: prone to feather picking, unpleasent

I bought chicks from Ideal hatchery in October and they are now 6 weeks old. I had 13 goldens, 2 black sexlinks, and 10 americaunas.  The goldens are aggressive and seem determined to eat the americaunas. The americaunas are about one-third larger and yet the goldens methodically strip the back feathers from them, and if they draw blood watch out. Even with plenty of feed and reduced light they seem to have a strong drive to get that extra protein and it is hard to feel much affection for a little bit of fluff that is trying to eat another bit of fluff. I've tried separating out the most aggressive ones but with winter upon us I am short on warm places to keep them.  I sold 6 of...
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Not an ethical choice - revisited.


Pros: sweet and sociable disposition, beautiful, prolific laying - first to lay, one every day for first year, huge eggs

Cons: Poor quality eggs and health problems due to too much laying and too large of eggs. I first want to mention that I only have one gold sex link chicken (Gold Star) and personality and appearance she is one of my favorites. She was the first of my babies to lay and from that day on she gave us eggs daily that became progressively larger, larger, until they were the size of duck eggs. The shells became paper thin, they were often irregular with a dark maroon spot at the apex. The maroon/red tissue is also in the egg which otherwise is great with gigantic yolks. Although "Star" gave us an egg a day for the first 6 months her laying decreased dramatically after that, to...
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More Reviews


Great backyard layers but not an ethical choice...


Pros: Sweet, curious, excellent layer, huge brown eggs, great forager

Cons: Prone to health problems

Had one for three years now and she's the sweetest bird.  She loves to be petted and held!  She's also been an excellent egg producer even through the winter.  Did have problems with crop impaction a few times and I've read these hybrids tend towards it.  Read this if you want to learn more about the issues these sweet girls have:  I love mine but I'll never get one again. 

They are excellent layers very well behaved birds nice my big eggs but don't have much meat on them.


Pros: Excellent layers thy are nice fun well behaved a good chicken for a first timer and a very pretty bird.

Cons: Not much meat on them an that's it!

To everyone looking at egg layers these are it they are amazing, I love mine and wish I had 300 instead of 28. Not much meat but I was only looking for eggs. If you want meat you might throw in a barred rock or two jut so you get the best of both worlds. That's why I did and its working out perfectly.
La Casa de Pollo

Great Layer


Pros: Lays early, Great egg size and frequency, good disposition

Cons: None

Our Golden Sex Link started laying at 17 weeks. She laid 4 double yolkers her first week, then two more a few weeks later. She has laid every single day since she started except for 2 days in 7 months, Her regular eggs are larger than the jumbo size ones at the store, and they are a darkish reddish brown, really nice color. She is not aggressive, but one of the top hens in the pecking order. She just has an air about her, the others bow to her, but she is not mean at all. She comes to me when I call her, and is very curious about people and quite friendly. We have been very pleased with her. I have heard these burn out faster than others, I have not had her that long so I could not...
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Pros: Big eggs daily, tough, very friendly

Cons: None

I have one 3 year old and one 4.5 month old. They are very friendly with me. Sometimes they drive me nuts because they get in my way. My older one has been a bit aggressive with the younger chickens but not to the point I was worried. My older chicken did get sick once but she got better and all I did was give her medicated chick food(no vet). I get giant eggs from the older chicken every day and an egg every day from the younger one. Both of the hens have started laying weeks before the other chickens. I would recommend this breed to first time chicken owners. They are great layers and pets.

Amazing, friendly, great egg layers!


Pros: Full of personality, lays eggs regularly, great "lap chickens"

Cons: None!

I've had this breed for two years now (being the only breed I can keep; a nearby egg farm sells them and I usually don't order stuff online) and they are awesome! I have two Red Stars/Red sex links/Isa Browns/Whatever else you wanna call 'em and they're very sweet chickens with distinct personalities, and have survived two predator attacks (hardy little chickens too, or just pure luck). Both are great layers of huge brown eggs and most of the birds I've kept don't object to being hugged. They don't "ask" to be held and petted, but I think that's just a matter of past experiences (again, they came from an egg farm). They're great with kids and they bond with each other well, being...
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Stupid and Aggressive


Pros: Good Layer

Cons: Aggressive, Stupid even for a chicken,

My gold sex link is aggravatingly stupid. Spends several minutes pacing and trying to locate the door to the run after all my other birds have gotten inside when I try to lock them up. She gets aggressive and puffs up when approached, bites toes and hogs food, takes food out of other chicken's mouths, and eats eggs. I will be looking forward to making her into a soup.

My Golden Sex Link Rooster


Pros: Good temper and loves to be held

Cons: Nothing

I love my Golden Sex Link Rooster ! He is a wonderful rooster, we never have any trouble from him, he doesn't eat much, and he is very loving . I give the breed a gold star :) !

Goldens love alaska


Pros: Good Layers, friendly

Cons: can be a bit skittish

I have 5 Golden Sex Linked hens that I purchased here when 7 weeks old. They started laying right about 6 1/2 mos old.  Consistently get 4 eggs per day from 5 hens. Eggs are golden brown and large. Hens are smaller than my White Plymouth Rock but eggs are same size. Tolerate Alaska's cold weather with a small radiant heater in coop and still laying when -10 degrees and inside coop is below 0 (water freezes if not plugged in).



Pros: Friendly, Fairly good layers, Pretty, Sex-linked

Cons: Could lay more eggs

Although our Black Sex Links lay better, our four gold sex links are pretty, friendly chickens.

Sweet Birds, Eat Like Crazy


Pros: Easily tamed, grow quickly

Cons: Eat to the point it concerns me.

I will update this as soon as she starts laying. I have one Gsl in my flock, and she is the sweetest thing. Knew her name within a couple days, lets the kids mess with her, comes right up to me, and super docile with the other birds. Her eating habits however, concern me. Her crop is almost always burgeoning with food, and while it does empty a bit, she makes certain it is filled right back up to the point there are visible gaps between the feathers. Hopefully this will diminish as she grows up a bit, as she is only six weeks old right now.  I expect her to have a problem with an impacted crop at least once in her life though.
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