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Golden Spangled Hamburgs


Pros: good egg layer and nice compliment to other breeds, unique

Cons: Not as friendly as a cochin or brahma.

I discovered I got a Golden Spangled Hamburg hen when I picked up 6 mixed specialty chicks at Farm and Fleet.

She was a good little egg layer and kept to herself. A pretty bird that I enjoyed having around. I was amazed that for such a small bird (bantam), she laid a medium sized eggs.

I would certainly get this breed again, given the opportunity


Pros: Beautiful Snow Leapard Chicken

Cons: Crazy as a bag of wet cats, jumpy, extreamly hyper

Admittedly, I had never seen a chicken like this Silver Spotted beauty before!

and I knew NOTHING about the breed... I just knew my wife would love it!


I won this gorgeous bird at a local auction!

Where I dueled it out with a 12 year old 4H Girl until she ran out of allowance... - evil grin


In hindsight I should have let her win...


My daughter named her "Spot" before we even got home.

Once home, she lived a total of 30 minutes before committing suicide...  No really... I kid you not!


When I reached into her wooden auction crate to remove her,

SHE FREAKED OUT and struggled so violently that she broke her own neck!

And died 3 minutes later right there in my hands!


(Yes, I was holding her in my two hands, normally, like I have held chickens for years now!)

I have never seen anything like it in my life!


She was soooo beautiful, That I felt like I broke a vase, only I have never seen a vase suffer and die!

and then there was the tears and accusations of "bird murder" I had to face from my enraged daughter 

because the chicken chose to 'spontaniously combust" in my hands and not in someone elses.


It was BY FAR the most WTH moments my family has experienced all year.

There was MUCH weeping and Gnashing of teeth on my families part.

MOSTLY on me!  Not cool at all!


If you want to admire your birds from a far

and never interact with them, I guess this bird is a good choice.


Pros: docile, very intelligiant beautiful birds that lay beautiful eggs, and there egg productivity is very high because there mediterranean class chickens

Cons: Very,very flighty,wild,active,and super shy

         Golden Spangled Hamburgs are docile, beautiful chickens are a great dual purpose chickens. I have one that's about almost four month old its very flighty around me and I have trouble picking her up. From what I've read I would suggest not getting this bird for a simple pet and meat. I hope this was helpful!

Golden Spangled Hamburgs

Rose Comb, About size of bantams, rarely go broody and can withstand cold temperatures.

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ColorWhite
Breed TemperamentFlighty,Active,and Shy
Breed Colors/VarietiesGolden Spangled
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
APA/ABA ClassContinental
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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Breed Temperament:

Extremely flighty, hyper, does not do well with confinement or human interaction. Will fly away if it can (you will need netting on top of all your runs) MUST be hand held at an early age.



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