Pros: Good layer of white eggs, excellent forager, good feed converstion, great personality, like to "play"

Cons: Loudly marked so prone to predation, not for meat with their size

One of the silliest breeds I have ever had, if you like breeds with personality. Cute white eggs, good size once they get going. Mine average 5 eggs a week in winter. Cold hardy with the comb type. Great fliers, so will need a roofed pen or clipped wings. Friendly and calm but can be bossy and loud.


Their coloring makes them hawk bait but they're good about paying attention to their surroundings, nice and alert without being flighty.


Pros: beautiful, docile

Cons: can be flighty at times

i got my silver spangled hamburg from murray mcmurray hatchery on 2-7-2015 as a chick, now she is 6 months old as she is so pretty! she lays a small white egg every day and she Loves to dust bathe. i read that this breed is known to fly up in trees but she has not been in a tree the highest she has even been was in her roosting bar at night.. i named my hen dotty. 



this is a picture of her when she was a few days old.



 she is on the right













this is a picture a her i took a few days ago










Pros: beautiful, good egg layers, friendly, alert, hardy

Cons: they fly high, and can jump very high

I have a pair of female silver spangled Hamburgs. They are really close to wild birds. They like to lay their eggs outside the coop in a corner away from everyone else. They attempt to roost right before sundown, so we have to be alert because they can jump really high, and like to try to roost on the fence! They are high fliers, so you must clip their wings. Pictures don't do them justice, there is a beautiful green sheen on their black polka dots. I find mine to be very friendly, and very busy. They have a loud call when they are excited about something, different from my other breeds of chickens. They lay small to medium eggs, and so far I get an egg either every day, or every other day from my pair. 


Pros: Very Handsome roo

Cons: He is a ******* to the other chickens

he crows a lot, & he is very aggressive sometimes, when he crows we say its Samuel L. Jackson yelling "what in the hell!!"


Pros: Attractive, very pretty in the field.

Cons: Flighty

I keep Silvers just for their ornamental value...they are just fun to have around. Can be flighty.


Pros: Beautiful, just stunning really, good forager, protective gentleman roo

Cons: Haven't found one

I only have one girl and boy.  I had these years ago but they were wiped out by a neighbor's dog when I wasn't home.  They roam really far and love to forage.  The rooster is awesome.  He treats his hens well and they know it.  He keeps a good 15 or better with him at all times.  My other two roosters I have right now just run around being greedy, mean, and randy.  But this guy calls them for food, warns about hawks, he will even chase straggler hens into the coop when a hawk is out.  I have never had a better rooster.  Plus he is stunning to look at.  I hope he has a long life because I don't know if all Hamburg roosters are this awesome or when I will find another like him.  I don't know if the girl is laying yet, I have several who lay small eggs and since she is a single I just can't tell.  I assume she is since the rest of the flock is.  She is so cute I would not want to let her go any way.


Pros: Smaller Breed, Dont cost much to feed, Great show chickens, Lay a lot of white eggs, Winter hardy, Beautiful

Cons: Can be flighty, Eggs are small, Not great for beginners

My hen Miruna isn't flightly, and infact was the calmest chicken at fair. I didn't even have to hold her down on the table during the show. I just love her. They can be amazing chickens and don't have to be flightly if you raise them right. I suggest to not hold them as much when they are younger. Try hand feeding them and gaining their trust first.


Pros: Good seller breed, pretty, good layers, easy look after

Cons: Flighty, have to keep them clean

In Australia this breed is rare. I own a flock but it took me 2 years to put it together traveling far and wide to find them. They sell for a very good price and are the best chickens I ever had.


Pros: Very beautiful, small and quiet

Cons: very flighty

My hamburg, Millie, is very beautiful but is the least friendly of my mixed flock. She is very quiet and is happy to live in the shadows. She isn't very big either but her markings make her a crowd pleaser to anyone that sees her.

SS hamburg


Pros: Spirited, Resilient, Precocious

Cons: Can be very, very precocious

  I received 14 Silver Spangled Hamburg chicks from McMurry hatchery last spring.  I lost 2 a few days after they arrived and the third a month later from a hawk attack.  The remaining 10 pullets and 1 cockerel have turned out to be very resilient birds.  The cock looks almost pheasant-like with its' low station and long tail.  The pullets make very wild noises when on alert and can be quite pugnacious.  There is a certain wildness to them that I haven't experienced with any other breed.  They're often termed as flighty but mine just don't seem to care to be around people.  They're just too busy off in the pine forest foraging.  And they are by no means afraid of me and will come right up and take food from my hand when offered.  

  They are definitely a free ranging breed.  I would imagine if not given enough space, they would turn out to be very ornery and cruel to their flock mates.

  Although my Silver Spangles are beautiful, next time I would go with Silver Penciled as I think it would make for a better camouflaged bird.

  The eggs are small but plentiful and most of us Americans don't need to be eating Xtra-large/Jumbo size eggs anyways.


There is a bit of a toss up on the exact origin of this breed. According to Craig Russell, a renowned poultry historian, they originated in Turkey. It is also believed they are obviously linked to Hamburg, Germany, even though their origin may not be from there.

Breed PurposeOrnamental
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeSmall
Egg ColorWhite
Breed TemperamentWild / restless,Flighty
Breed Colors/VarietiesWhite, Black, Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled, Silver Penciled, Gold Penciled
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Ornamental
Comb: Rose
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: High
Egg Size: Small
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:

Wild / restless,Flighty

Breed Colors / Varieties:

White, Black, Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled, Silver Penciled, Gold Penciled

Breed Details:

Conservation status: Watch Size: Cock 26 oz.; Hen 22 oz. My personal experience with these lovely birds is that they are naturally flighty and like to keep their distance from humans, but the hand-raised birds can become more like pets. A great website to find out more about Hamburgs is