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Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy 3.5 oz Bag

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: The girls loooove them

Cons: Even the largest bag offered isn't big enough!

According to the reactions of my girls, these treats are the only treats worth having. That is next to fresh caught crickets. I highly recommend. Also, my local feed place advised to let them soak in water about 10 minutes and they'll plump up and become more "life-like". I guess that means they'll be more squishy. They advised that this will help the girls get more water and they'll enjoy them more! Will post an update after trying that!  :yiipchick


Pros: Chicks love it, can break them apart like potato chips

          The last batch of hens I had, I gentled down using bitten-off pieces of apple, which eventually had them in my lap. My new chicks, however, were treated to dried mealworms. At first I was kind of grossed out because, you know, it's worms. However, no sooner had I stuck the dead worm into the brooder than I had fuzzballs all over me!  It's really cool how they know what a worm is from day one, and because of that, I get willing victims of fluff-butt cuddle! Already invested in a 10oz bag!


Pros: Big whole worms, easily crumbled for smaller pieces, resealable package, my ducks love them.

Cons: Easily tipped by frenzied ducklings trying to devour them through the bag, which is messy if not sealed properly. ..

Birds of a Feather love these worms altogether. Watching my duckling try and take off with pieces makes my day.


Pros: My chickens LOVE them, easy to store and feed, great source of protein.

Cons: Pricey for such a little bag, now my chickens expect to get these every time I give them treats.

I bought these last Christmas for my chickens. They go absolutely crazy about them. I just wish they were a little cheaper for such a small bag. It's nice how they are easier and less messy than live mealworms but my chickens still like them. My flock will be receiving these for Christmas again this year. D.gif


Pros: Every chicken loves it, it helps tame chickens

Cons: Can cause pushy chickens

I bought these for my chickens a while ago, and they loved it! My old, cranky leghorn hen loves it, my chicks love it, and my friend's tiny serama hen (who is visiting) loves it. They really do go into a frenzy!

I find that these mealworms are really useful for taming the chicks. They are very flighty, but when I give them mealworms, they come running over.

My old hen is already very tame but can be violent and picky. She loves these mealworms though, and keeps asking for more. The one thing I would say is bad about this product is that it makes her really pushy. I'll give her a few, and she'll keep following me and jump up at the bag and even peck me because she wants more. It's quite scary.


On the other hand, these mealworms work for all beak sizes, as the serama hen can easily break them into little pieces and eat them. They're also convenient because they're resealable (at least, the bag I got was) and not gross to handle as live mealworms can be. It has all the benefits of live mealworms minus the effort it takes to keeping them alive.


Overall, I'd recommend this product, but keep in mind that it can cause very desperate, crazy, pushy chickens that would willingly eat the entire bag at once if allowed. :barnie


Pros: chickens like it, dogs like it, cats like it-(i haven't tried it, though)

Cons: they'll run you down to get it!

one of my dogs burst into the midst of my chickens while they were gobbling up meal worms.  i thought i was going to have an injured or dead chicken for sure!  but, no, Penny just wanted meal worms and started licking them up off the grass.  her big brown eyes are sooo hard to resist. and the chickens come right up to my feet to get them.


Pros: My chickens LOVE these treats!!

Cons: Expensive and spoils them!

I started this little habit of giving them these meal worms as treats so that I could get the flock more tame. They love them so much I can pet them while they eat. I have spoiled them though and they expect to be fed them at least once a day. So this has become quite expensive!!  I am learning to raise them now and it's quite easy, but not as quick as just buying a bag.  pop.gif


Pros: Birds love it!

Cons: price

i decided to purchase happy hen treats Mealworm frenzy for my favorite rooster who is very picky about what he will eat.  When i threw some of these into his dish he went nuts! I will definitely buy these again when i can but the price is a little high to me for a small bag which doesn't last here on my farm.


Pros: They LOVE IT

When the package says FRENZY, they mean it!  Our chickens go wild for the Happy Hen meal worms.  We are only on bag #2 and already the chickens recognize the sound the bag makes and the bag itself.  Last week, while talking to a neighbor over the fence, I was holding a piece of material similar in size and shape as the treat bag.  After a few minutes I had a chicken resting on my arm and another sitting on my shoulder waiting for me to open what they thought was a bag of treats!  Crazy girls.


If you ever need to wrangle the chickens, this is the treat that will bring them scurrying.


Pros: Easy to feed, better than live!

Cons: It goes too quickly cause you don't wanta stop treating

I took the advice of my chicken friends and bought a small bag.  After getting over the idea of handling these dried worms, I dished them out in my hand and sprinkled them around, never have I seen chicks gobble up tid bits so fast!  All the chickens love these treats!  I will always have thses on hand from now on.

( Bigger bag next time)

Happy Hen Treats Mealworm Frenzy 3.5 oz Bag

Happy Hen Treats is proud to introduce the world's first line of treats specifically made for pet chickens! Happy Hen Treats line of treats provides pet chicken owners a great way to interact with their backyard friends. Quality ingredients go into all of our treats and are tested and approved by our own backyard flock. We know how much you love and appreciate your chickens and we are confident your chickens will love and appreciate a special treat made just for them!<br><br> Contains approximately 3,250 dried mealworms that chickens absolutely love to eat. Dried mealworms offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of storing and handling live worms.<br><br> Feed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground, or in a feeding dish as a treat only. Watch your chickens dance and peck in a frenzy for these 100% natural whole-dried mealworms!<br><br> Weight: 3.53 oz<br> Quantity: 3,250 Dried Mealworms

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