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Hova Bator - Circulated Air Genesis Egg Incubator W/ Electronic Therm - 1588 Reviews


Well-designed for incubation and spacious for hatching


Pros: Nice digital readout of Set Temp, Incubation Temp, Humidity. Holds temp well. Great interior viewing.

Cons: Must calibrate humidity monitor; humidity trays need figuring out for correct percentage

Hi.  My name is Peep_Show and I am a hatchaholic.....   Upon getting a Brinsea with all the bells and whistles, I started ordering eggs.. Lots of eggs.  And, thanks to assorted variables, they all started arriving at staggered times instead of the well-orchestrated schedule I thought I had implemented.  It became readily apparent that although the Brinsea could incubate, I was going to run into problems at lockdown with hatching on widely different days.   That and the fact that the Brinsea doesn't have a lot of chick room created the decision to get a second incubator for hatching.   The recommendation from other hatchaholics on BYC was the...
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great little incubator


Pros: easy to use, easy to clean, great for a beginner

Cons: wish the manufacturer would make the electronics removable for cleaning.

Great Little Incubator My first time hatching was a breeze. It got me hooked to hatching. It was so easy to use. I do recommend reading the directions, so you know were to put the water. Essentially, you plug it in, add water and put the fertilized eggs in! Cost for me was good as well.. You don't want to invest hundreds in an incubator only to find out you don't like it. (yeh, right!)   Clean-up is a breeze... all the bottom pieces go in the tub.... warm soapy water and a touch of bleach. I use a big scrub brush and scrub everything.  The lid gets whipped with a cloth from the tub.   I do not think a turner is necessary for this unit because as a ...
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Fun For Everyone, Plus Functionality!

We ordered our first incubator, the Hova Bator in mid-March, along with 50 day old chicks of assorted breeds. I spent a week or so caring for my chicks before I had to leave for a two week vacation. As everyone knows, 50 chicks are a lot to handle, especially when you're not really set up for it! I was hoping that my family would keep up with the cleaning while I was gone.   Well, little did I know, but my dad had ran out of room in the refrigerator for all the eggs that our older hens were laying. He also was curious to find out if the brand new incubator would work properly. When I got back, I noticed that the incubator was FULL OF EGGS, and it was ON.  ...
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Idiot Proof, can't go wrong.


Pros: Inexpensive, don't have to regulate, has backup power plug for car, just plug in and incubate

Cons: none that I know of, would like one a bit larger...

I can't believe how easy this incubator is to use. Plug and go! I don't have to monitor it in any way. I use the turner and add water in lockdown. The hatching rate depends on eggs quality. I've had up to 90 percent plus on hatching....I'd like a couple of more of them.
Black Cochin Bantams

Best foam incubator


Pros: Plug it in and be ready foreggs in 3 hrs.

Cons: Tracking and adjusting humidity

I own 2 of these little table top incubators. Easy to use. I recommend getting the turner. No better hatch rates than my other incubators but I don't have to worry or fuss over the Genesis. I can be gone for a week and know that I will come home to properly cared for eggs.

My favorite incubator!


Pros: Simple to use, decent temperature regulation, reliable, good for beginners and experts

Cons: I agree with a previous review that it would be nice if their was an easier way to clean around the electronic parts

I love this incubator so much I bought a second one. I have the original version when they first came out around 2002. My second one is the "new old version" that I purchased around 2007. Both incubators are still working great! I am thinking of buying a third because I hatch a lot of eggs in a short amount of time, and I want one dedicated for hatching.

HovaBator Genisis

I got one, I hatched coturnix quail in it, I've hatched Chickens in it, and I've leant it out to a friend, where he hatched Turkeys in it. I love it, One of my best incubator yet.....



Pros: Takes the worry out of temp spikes

Cons: still have to watch temp with thermometers

I have 2 of these, I think they dry the pipped eggs to much even with 70% humidity. Wish I could turn off fan during hatching.  Still recommend.

Best Incubator Ever Used


Pros: Good Heat, Easy-to-Use, Great Hatch Rates, Plug-and-Go, Turns Eggs For You (with turner), Comes With Racks for Many Egg Sizes

Cons: Styrofoam, No Temp. Adjustment

We love this incubator. My family and I have hatched quail, ducks, and chickens in this thing. (all with the appropriate sized racks, as it comes with several) When it first arrived, my first impression was....styrofoam? Really? But as it turns out, its actually pretty tough. We got the egg turner with it. The success rate with thing thing has been really good, except for the ducks. Only 3 of 16 hatched because one day we put to much water in it and the water was touching the eggs. 14 were growing when we candled them. There were only 3 water didn't touch and they hatched. So make sure you don't put in to much water in this thing.   One thing i've noticed is the...
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Good incubator


Pros: Humidity reading, temp control

Good quality, reliable, easy to use. Holds up to 42 eggs with turner (45 dollars more)
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