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Kraienköppe Reviews


Very Hardy and Self-sufficient


Pros: Fly well, alert, excellent mothers that will brood anytime, feed themselves free-range, lay in winter

Cons: Broody at the drop of a hat, very good at hiding eggs, not very meaty, smaller hatchery stock

Kraienkoppes are very alert to predators, and are perfect free-range birds. They lay tinted eggs in great quantities if you can find the nest and leave some dummy eggs because they will move their nests if you take them all. Even the pullets that have just started laying do this and go broody in the fall/winter! Hatchery stock is smaller than it is supposed to be (common in all breeds), and not as meaty as it should be, but 'koppes aren't a big time meat breed to begin with. They fly great distances and so would be able to escape any run with no top, I would imagine. They are flighty but can come to trust you if you are calm and try to earn their affections, but still don't expect to pick...
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zach N houdan



Pros: eggs, looks

these birds r very pretty and have great coloring and laying abilities! they r gr8 mothers and can live very very long any where from 8-18 years!!!! i have 1 hen that is 16 years old!!
BackYard Chickens › Breeds & Supplies › Chicken Breeds › Kraienköppe › Kraienköppe Reviews