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A Review On: KUFA Telescope Landing Net (Hoop: 23"x23",Handle:27"~47") LND30

KUFA Telescope Landing Net (Hoop: 23"x23",Handle:27"~47") LND30

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Pros: Very Wide and has an extendable pole.

Cons: When extended fully, it can be easily broke if catching a large fowl.

I love it. I used it to catch my Male Muscovy's who were 1 old and huge. This net made it easy and fast to catch them. It has a cloth band for the outer rim so your bird or animal doesn't hurt their throat when you hook them in the net. The net is very large. I put it around my sister who is a heavy set women stands 5.4ft tall and the net goes almost to her waist. I'm not being mean. I love my sister, she is the one who said to describe it as that for a better imaging it's capacity wise. All and all it's a great thing to have with ducks, chickens, goose, and even quail!


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