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Best chicken breed

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Pros: Good layer, white eggs, friendly, big personality, likes hugs and massages, beautiful chicken to look at

Cons: may get bullied, adventurous, flighty (gosh these girls can fly)

My white leghorn is my favourite hen, she is friendly, good around children and other chickens (although mine got bullied quite a bit :( ). She is an excellent layer (but please don't buy your chickens to be egg laying machines, they're living creatures too - the same as you and I am). DON'T buy this chicken for meat either.

Very inquisitive, adventurous birds with a big personality, but is flighty (make sure there are no neighbouring dogs, or that you have very high fences)

White leghorns are the perfect backyard chickens (rather motherly to chicks, clean (they don't poop near their sleeping or laying compartments).

Nice casual layers, and perfect for children (don't keep the baby chicks with little kids so they don't step on these beautiful beloved creatures).

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I have one that was given to me. I already had an established flock, and believe it or not some friends caught Dora (our leghorn) in their residential neighborhood. After some introduction time, Dora joined my flock but she is quite the bully. She's definitely a hen, but she quickly re-established a pecking order with herself at the top. I have no idea how old she is but she's first to eat, first to drink, first out of the coop on warm days.... I always wondered if it was a breed thing or because she was tough chicken that wandered off from her home and lived on the streets until my friends caught her.
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