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light sussex chicken


Pros: smart, friendly, affectionate, great layers

Cons: none!

My light Susex Frenchie passed away a few months ago and she was a good hen. We got her and her 2 flock mates from our neihbors who where moving and couldnt have them anymore. Once they got here I knew they would be great foragers, they where finding worms left and right within minutes of being on the ground. The other 2 hens are Red/golden commits.
She was a very friendly smart great layer of light brown eggs. Susexs are great foragers, great layers and are very smart. Frenchie was friendly not to just me but to the other hens too. Susexs usually get along with others well and have many friends in there flock. smile.png


Pros: Good layers

Cons: Loud, mean, bullies

My light sussex is very mean to me and the other chickens. I would not recommend this breed, get orpingtons instead.


Pros: extremely friendly, great layer, very social, cute, copes well with heat, copes well with cold weather, intelligent

Cons: very loud in general, can be flighty

My sussex is by far the most frequent layer that I've owned, she is also extremely friendly and when my previous hen passed away, leaving her alone for a couple of days, she became very social with me and constantly sat next to me or on me. I have nothing bad to say about this breed but if I was being picky, my hen is extremely loud and makes a lot of noise, also if you are a first time chicken owner, pick them up frequently to make them less flighty/jumpy, mine loves being around me but is not impressed when I pick her up. 


Pros: Good looking, great layer, adorable, docile, friendly, very big

Cons: It depends

It's no secret I love my Light Sussex. They are my favourite breed, I only got my girl because there were no Buff Orpingtons at the place and I definitely don't regret it! Siha is a beauty queen and she knows it. She is second in command, that is, she is not the alpha but she still gives out the orders - she is harsh but fair. She completely dwarfs my Golden Laced Wyandotte and Lavender Tailed Araucana - she is a big girl which can be an advantage and disadvantage. Personally I prefer the large size but it depends on what others like. This chicken however also has a bantam variety. 

She is simply a delight to be around and I love her to bits. I really want to breed Light Sussex in future as the roosters are simply stunning. 


Pros: Independent, pretends to be the boss, happy, friendly, chatty

Cons: she will pester you untill she gets what she wants

Lovely companion and enjoys company 


Pros: Friendly, Lay pretty well, docile, good free rangers, hardy, pretty

Cons: Can't think of any except that my rooster can sometime be aggressive (as all roosters can be).

Light Sussex' are good birds for free ranging and laying. They are friendly, docile, and generally good birds for a mixed flock. I have been pleased with their egg laying and good nature. My rooster can be slightly aggressive. But the hens are great.


All around this breed has excited and pleased me.


Pros: v sweet esp when hatched in a brooder

Cons: can bit a bit noisy at times

lovely birds ive 3 hens one which i hatched in a brooder and shes really friendly and follows me  all over the run taking to me lol. trying to peck at my clothes for attention. can be a bit noisy esp when im in there as she never quiet sure shes trying to tell me something!


Pros: Plenty of large eggs. .Large bodied bird....very friendly.....BEAUTIFUL.

Cons: Cant think of any at present

We have 6  diffrent breeding chickens .. ALL visitors to our Ranch are drawn to these birds first...allways mesmerizing

Even OLD folks ..(like my 91 year old father) who have seen/had chickens back in the good old days.... They are my husbands favorite hands down..


Pros: lays nice sized eggs,is friendly

Cons: None

I have a Sussex cross Isa Brown and she is the sweetest chicken ever.In the morning when I feed her she is always waiting for me.


Pros: Excellent personality, Intelligent, high egg production, great forager.

Cons: Can't think of any.

Out of my flock of 10 (of various breeds) not only is my Light Sussex alpha hen, but she is by far the most intelligent. She seems to know exactly what I want her to do or where I want her to go.  She comes a running as soon as she see's me with a mattock or spade as she seems to know I will be digging and there will be worms up for grabs, but she doesn't jump on the tools or get in the way, she seems to understand she has to stand a few inches to the side, and then after I've dug up, she digs in for the grubs.  


She is also quite docile, but not so much that she seems stupid.  She does a very good job of making a racket to call for me when perceived danger is around .  And even though she is alpha hen she is not a bully, although she does have to give a few pecks here and there to put some hens back in place (unlike my second in command who is the biggest bully hen if ever there was one).  She is also very hard working, remaining busy all day constantly foraging and working the land. She is also my most efficient egg layer, giving me at least 5 large brown eggs per week.  And she's brave, not scared of going into new, unchartered territory after taking a quick look around to make sure it seems safe enough.  A great personality. She's almost like the perfect chicken.

light sussex chicken

the light sussex is a great dual purpose bird that origanates from england. it lays aroung 270 + eggs in its first year. It rarely goes broody, and lays through winter. It is a very hardy bird that can survive in all climates. They are very friendly and docile birds, unless bred with an aggressive gene.

Breed PurposeDual Purpose
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityHigh
Egg SizeLarge
Egg Colorbrown, white and speckled
Breed Temperamentquiet when handled young
Breed Colors/Varietieslight, white, lavender, silver and buff
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: classic dual purpose.

when fattened correctly gourmet meat;

excellent layers, especially the Light Sussex.

Comb: single upright

Broodiness: Familial. Make great winter layers if Feb. or March hatched. Good mothers

Climate Tolerance: excellent, cold hardy


General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: 260 per year

Egg Size: large

Egg Color: cream to light brown


Breed Temperament:

curious, friendly.



Breed Colors / Varieties:

Light; Red; Speckled; Silver; Buff; Brown; White;

Cuckoo. Not all colors in both LF and Bantam. Only Light; Red; Speckled in both Large Fowl and Bantam are accepted by APA and ABA.





Breed Details: Developed from old Kent and Surrey fowl in England.  Classic book on the breed available online at:






Chicken Breed Photos:


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