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Little Giant Still Air Incubator 9200 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Little Giant


Pros: Inexpensive, simple to use.

Cons: Metal grate makes the eggs roll a bit.

I have read that many had problems with temperature control. I have followed some tips given to me from a breeder. I have filled the large outer well in the bottom with glass stones from the craft store. They hold heat well and allow the lg to heat up within a minute or two after turning my eggs. The temp has stayed rock steady the whole time. When setting it up I only barely turned the knob and then waited several minutes at at time until the desired temp was achieved. I also added a sponge beneath the vent hole that I use a dropper to add water too to aid in proper humidity. Also the room that it is in had no drafts or temp flux. With the addition of stones to the well I have had no...
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Little Giant

Works great! Took little while to get the desired temp but once it was set it stayed at 99 to 100 degrees. I can unplug it and then plug it back in a few days later and the temp will go straight up to 99 to 100 and stay there. Wonderful product for Newbie!!!

9200 incubator/6300 turner/7200 fan combo


Pros: inexpensive, easy to set up, nice viewing windows

Cons: styrofoam body

We are off to a fast start this year, and my DH insisted I get 2 of these. After chatting to a lot of hatchaholics, this bator fit my immediate needs. I have both chock full, one of various breed chicken eggs, the second with geese eggs. I am hand turning the geese eggs but intend to buy the rails pretty soon. There is a fluctuation in the temps, but i do have a drafty house. This is a pretty good setup for starting out hatching, but i am already looking ahead to make better choices, or build one on our own.

Negative Reviews


Okay for learning, but not reliable


Pros: Cheap, easy to assemble and use, good starting incubator

Cons: does not retain heat or humidity well, has hot/cold spots

My first incubator in my youth was a Little Giant Still Air.  It was cheap enough for me to purchase, and I had a lot of fun toying around with it.   It was far from reliable, but I did get some chicks to hatch here and there.  Thankfully, I was only working with barnyard mutt chicks. (Do Not purchase if you are trying to hatch quality shipped eggs!)   I noticed chicks only hatched in certain locations of the incubator.  After testing, I saw the temperature varied from 89 - 104 degrees F, depending on the location.  I purchased the auto turner, which helped a great deal as the incubator does take a very long time to get back to the proper temperature...
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No way!


Pros: Cheap

Cons: hot spots, cold spots, doesn't hold humidity well. Takes too long to recover temp if you lift the lid

Lucky mine was borrowed. I sure wouldn't buy one. The owner warned me it takes a lot of practice and alot of attention. Rotating the eggs around the bator so they get equal time in the hot and cold spots. Very colse watch of humidity, etc No still air for me!

More Reviews


Works Okay


Pros: Lots of eggs, cheap

Cons: Metal grate rolls eggs too easily, hard to clean, unstable tempature

My first one of these stopped heating so I had to get a new one. Otherwise, it's a simple investment for a simple hobbyist. I have never had excellent gatch rates. The temperate isn't very stable either.

It Works


Cons: Thermometer that comes with it is off.

I got 19 out of 22 healthy chicks.

Great Bator


Pros: very nice and inexpensive

Cons: None

I bought this bator with the egg turner and so far I have only had good hatches:) !

So far, so good...


Pros: low price, compact

Cons: have to buy all accessories separate, doesn't come with a way to test humidity

I just bought this incubator from a local TSC, and have my first batch of duck eggs on day three. I won't really know how it is working until a few days from now when I candle, but so far it has been pretty straightforward.   After you get the hang of the temperature adjustment, it becomes easier to work with, and regardless of the reviews against the thermometer, I calibrated it to my home thermometer and it was almost dead-on.    I bought the auto egg turner, however I wish that it had come with a way to test the humidity. Until I can find a good wet-bulb, I have to guess at it.    



Pros: really nice and affordable

Cons: none that I know of

its a really good incubator, it can hold 41 chicken eggs with a turner and 50 without.  the temperature is adjustable and it is small enough to fit on my desk.


The incubator holds the temp great but I had to cut the top of an egg carton off to hold the eggs to turn them because the eggs roll around.
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