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Lohman Brown Reviews

Positive Reviews

Chicken Boy1234

Friendly, tame, funny and gentle chickens


Pros: Easy to tame, friendly and a whole lot more!

Cons: NONE

I'm a beginner to all of this chicken stuff and the first ever chicken I got was a Silkie X Campine cockerel, he was VERY untame! But then my aunt got me these two chickens and they completely changed that cockerel. They made him friendly and tame. The two Lohmans follow me around and even copy what I do. They are brilliant egg layers throughout the whole year. They haven't been through a moult for a whole year. I've just bought some Silkie Frizzles, lets see what the Lohmans do!   I would definitely recommend these chickens to anyone!

Negative Reviews


The Lohman Browns


Pros: Freindly, not flighty

Cons: Eat there eggs, can get mad

The Lohman Brown is a Hybrid Bird, although friendly most of the time the can be prone to eat there eggs and can have a mean streak. Seeing as they are not pure bred showing is out of the question. I would not recommend this bird.    MR. MKK FARMS

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So Friendly


Pros: Friendly, Gentle, Very tame, Good Layers

Cons: None!

New to the chicken business. Got a couple of Lohman Browns! They are so gentle and very tame, they tolerate children picking them up. They lay beautiful brown eggs everyday! I couldn't ask for better chickens. 
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