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Magpie Reviews


Beautiful and Friendly


Pros: Unique, rare, friendly, good egg layers, smaller

Cons: Hard to find!

When I decided to add more ducks to my flock, I searched long and hard for a unique breed. I also wanted to own birds who were in need of conservation help. I happened to stumble upon the Magpie Ducks. Everything about them seemed perfect. I was looking for a good egg layer, but not a very large bird. So once I decided i wanted to own magpies, I then had to actually find some for sale. That was difficult. It seems there are very few breeders of Magpie ducks out there. The American Livestock Breed Conservancy list Magpie Ducks as critical. Eventually, I tripumped, finding someone who was willing to sell hatching eggs. From those eggs, I hatched two females and one drake, a perfect little...
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The Duck Ladie

The Most Charming Ducks In My Flock


Pros: Quiet, Sweet, Beautiful

Cons: Skiddish, but I didn't really work on making them not afraid of me anyway...

I really love these ducks, when I was looking for breeds to have in my flock in the Spring, I saw these and decided to get some to breed since they were rare. I currently have one couple, not all of them made it. They are very sweet, though shy, but that may be because I didn't really work on making it so they won't be afraid of me. My boy Magpie just might be my favorite of the flock. I like knowing that I'm helping preserving a rare breed, especially one as charming as the Magpie. I think they are a great choice of duck. My girl is sweet and shy, I've seen her put her head under one of the boy's head as if for protection, she's a very gentle little lady. All in all they are a great duck!



Pros: very friendly

i have had only 1 magpie and i got him when he was a duckling from out local feed store along with 3 other ducklings, he grew up really fast, he LOVED bananas. i named him furby. he did not have perfect coloring but he still got a blue ribbon at the fair. later that year i sold them because at that time i did not have a place for them over the winter. i wish i would have kept him he would run up to me and jump in my lap when i sat down on the grass. 

The Cutest Duck Ever!


Pros: Cute, Broody, Docile, Average Egg Layer

Cons: Can get snappy, are scared of humans

These ducks are the cutest! We have 2, which then hatched another 2, which are now incubating 17 duck eggs, so we have 4 and soon to be 17. They are average egg layers, so about 4 to 6 a week.
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