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Wonderful birds, but not for beginners or those who want a production bird

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Pros: Unusual; good tempered; excellent as pets and show birds

Cons: Harder to handle due to size; hard to find; eat a lot

I have been searching for Malay for about half a decade now and finally got my first pair. They are more wonderful than I could have imagined. Their size and sturdiness is awe inspiring; they are the most unusual and yet majestic fowls I have come across. If not handled they may be rather flighty, however after handling my pair they have begun to tame down nicely. They can be a little hard to handle if you don't know how to properly hold and move a bird of this size. They do eat tons, and are very picky eaters. I do not see them being useful producers of either eggs or meat at any point. They also require a lot of space. However, if you have the time, space, money, and of course interest in the breed, they can be very rewarding to keep.



I want one now....soooooooooo pretty and awesome looooking!
This breed is the first breed of chickens my husband showed any real interest.
I've ordered a few hatchery Orientals and am really looking forward to raising malay's.  Every picture I see of a pair makes me feel sorry for the hen though, they are so small compared to the roosters :)  I know my hatchery ones will not be as awesome looking but it's a start!
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