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Marans Reviews

Positive Reviews


Beautiful Dark Eggs From Beautiful Birds


Pros: Deep, Rich, Chocolate-Colored Eggs, Sweet, Beautiful

Cons: Roosters Can Be Aggressive, Some Variants Don't Lay Very Chocolate-Colored Eggs

The Marans is a breed of chicken that originated in France. It is a medium sized breed, well known across the U.S.A, and other countries, for it's beautiful, dark brown eggs, and fine meat. The Marans is also a popular breed for showing, and fancied by poultry breeders all over the world.    The Marans originated in France and were imported into the United Kingdom in the 1930's.    The Marans are a fine breed, being useful for meat, eggs, and showing. They can make good pets for children, and are highly prized for their dark eggs.    There are the 9 varieties of the Marans, recognized by the French Standard: Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, Black,...
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I love my Marans


Pros: My Roosters are sweethearts, never aggressive, my eggs are dark in color, my hens lay very well now that they are mature.

Cons: NO CONS...

I have 3 pens of Marans, they are excellent quality, lay a dark egg, and winning at the shows this year in Florida...

Cuckoo Maran


Pros: beatiful eggs

Cons: my roo was mean

The hens lay beautiful eggs. Never owned a cuckoo hen, but I'm sure that they are a whole lot nicer than my roo.

Negative Reviews


A lot of hype


Pros: pretty eggs

Cons: inconsistant layers, mean roosters!

I have 5 hens and 1 roo. These are pretty hens, personalities are not overly friendly, despite being hand reared. It took a LONG time to find a roo that wasn't aggressive as all get out. This one is generally OK but will still rush you every so often. I also don't like that they are consistent layers... they seem to lay every other or every third day... They go broody often, but aren't great moms. My eggs are also not as dark or a large as they say they should be, despite spending the money on good quality stock.



Pros: Dark eggs, big birds

Cons: Mean

I have 3 of these. My adult Blue Marans is one of the flightiest bird I have, and if I have to get ahold of her (at night is the only way) she flips out like I am killing her. I also bought 2 more for breeding and both of them from the very start have been bullies to the other chicks and bite me any time I have to handle them. I have around 30 breeds and the only ones with this type of personality have been the Marans and the Wyandottes. They are big, beautiful birds that lay lovely eggs - but definitely not one I'd get as a pet.

Hatchery Marans


Pros: will lay dark eggs someday hopefully, beautiful, feathered legs

Cons: not friendly, taking forever to lay, weird & annoying crow

I have had two roosters and a hen (black copper). They are quite beautiful but I had to get rid of the roosters because they make a terrible noise! And I enjoy my other rooster's crows! It was like Ooooooooh- ooooooh- ahhhhhooooh. Really deep and mournful and irritating. They are skittish & flighty. The hen is over 7 months, maybe 8, and has yet to lay. I think if I want chocolate layers I should go with welsummers. But super beautiful, love the feathered legs!!! 

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Broody and poor winter layers


Pros: Dark Eggs

Cons: Broody, poor winter layer, eggs hard to hatch

I am not a huge Marans fan.  I tried them  because I was entranced by the egg color but am not impressed.  Yes, the eggs are super dark and gorgeous by my birds are often broody and I have not seen an egg since end of Oct and its now the middle of Jan.  I  will not be getting any more.   When I compare them to my Welsummers, 

I love my marans, but they aren't without faults


Pros: easy going, pretty, decent layers, beautiful egg. good foragers

Cons: egg candling (don't get me started), weird crow (I mean like the siamese cat of the chicken world odd lol!) prefer to roost in trees, hatching pain

Well the overall summary pretty much summed it up. I hate hatching these birds in the incubator. That's my only valid complaint I guess. I have seen a couple others say theirs are terminally broody, I've never had one go broody. It'd be nice. I wouldn't be trying to candle opaque eggs if they had a broody on them! lol! 
bird sitter

Can't wait!

I have some eggs in the bator! Can't wait to see these guys! I've heard they are sweet!

LOVE these birds


Pros: Beautiful Dark Eggs, calm and sweet birds

Cons: Not heavy layers, but the eggs are worth the wait

Just started with some from a local breeder and hatched a few from a BYC seller. They are the sweetest I have raised. Even the two Roos I have are incredibly docile. I have tried several breeds, this is one I'll be sticking with!

Marans are great!


Pros: Good layers, large birds, good feed conversion, friendly, sane

Cons: Can't think of any cons!

I have 1 Splash, 1 Blue, and 1 Wheaten Marans from 2 sources. All 3 are great layers, calm and a friendly birds. They do ok in heat and excellent in cold. My goal is to have one hen in every available color since they're just great all-around birds.   You don't have to be very hands on in taming them, they're just naturally calm birds.

One of our favorites


Pros: Curious, people friendly, fast growing, attractive

Cons: Roosters are a bit aggressive

I hatched 3 French black copper marans (out of 3 BCM eggs) with a mix of 3 other heritage breeds. Two ended up being male. The female is so friendly she jumps for our shoulder to perch the whole time we're in the coop. The males started out friendly but are getting pretty aggressive toward the other birds, and one is starting to get aggressive with us as well. They learned to use the nipple waterers and the roosting pole first, and they were the first to eat out of our hand and go for bugs. They aren't at laying age yet, so I can't attest to the quality of the eggs or the rate of lay. They've thrived really well and grown quickly, and they seem like they would be decent dual purpose...
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My Cuckoo Maran - Carerra


Pros: Great layer, doesn't pick on others, Very sweet

Cons: Whem she was younger was shy and would bite

She has turned her whole personality around. She really was kinda mean, I spent alot of time with her, Now whenever I go outside she is one of the first to run up and see what I might have lol.

Aloof, not friendly, consistent layers


Pros: consistent layers, gorgeous eggs

Cons: aloof, not friendly, chatty, broody

We got 3 Black Copper Marans a year ago for our backyard flock, and they are not our favorites.  We much prefer our Buff Orpingtons.  The Marans are not very friendly, are very hard to catch, don't like to be held and general shy away from humans.  They tend to be a bit squawky.     One of our hens went broody when she was about 9 months old and it took her a long time to get over it.  After that, however, they have been very consistent layers.  Their eggs are gorgeous.  They are a deep brown/red color and I can see why they are prized.     One note: when they started laying, they laid a lot of soft shelled eggs before getting it...
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I love my black marans


Pros: These are wonderful hens. They lay very dark brown jumbo eggs. They are beautiful, calm birds and easily fit right in with my other hens.


Love These Marans!


Pros: Beautiful, Entertaining, Productive

Cons: None

Got these 3 gals completely by mistake, as I thought they were another kind.  They were the ugliest pullets, and I named them according to their appearance, ie: Buzzard, Blaze, and Skunk.  Now, they are a year old, shiny and black with the copper necks, and produce dark brown but nowhere- near -chocolate eggs.   Docile and curious, they are a wonderful part of my first venture into backyard chickens.
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