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Mille Fleur Bantam


Pros: Friendly, inquisitive, talkative

Cons: late developers

I got some Mille Fleur D'Uccles at the end of May. They are slightly over 2 months old now. They are very friendly & talkative - even the boys.  They are quite happy to perch on your hand/leg and talk to you, seem to enjoy being picked up and petted.  I will add more to the review as the roosters get bigger & the ladies start to lay.

10/15/15 - update. Got my first egg yesterday! However, most of the ladies are still not quite ready to lay. One rooster had attitude and was mean, he has been culled. The other roosters are just fine, beautiful plumage.

  1/1/16 - So, after Christmas all the girls are laying. From 4 girls I'm getting 3-4 eggs/daily.  They enjoy me hunting for eggs though....despite numerous nest-boxes in several locations, they insist on trying to hide them. I once found a stash of 27 eggs!!  I am enjoying them more and more, especially since I just hatched 10 little peeps from the eggs.


Pros: I own one female and she is by FAR my favorate out of all 20 of my birds. Love to be held.

Cons: She is so effectionate to the point of endangering herself by being too underfoot.


Pros: Small size, good broodies, beautiful feathers, can sometimes be very friendly

Cons: Highly aggressive roosters

We've had these chickens for years. We love the hens. Roosters... it depends. The first three roosters we purchased somehow turned out to all be very, very aggressive toward us. I took to carrying a stick outside with me, and we named them Hitler, Stalin, and Robespierre. big_smile.png

However, the roosters we've had since then have been on the other end of the spectrum: still very unfriendly, but they're just plain scared of us. None of them have attacked us, as far as I can remember.

As for the hens, I would recommend them as pets. We had one hen who was really great. The rest are scared of us, but they're definitely sweeter than some of the other breeds we have.

All in all, I would definitely say that these birds, especially the roosters, can be gorgeous, and if you want a lawn ornament, this could be the breed for you. You may have to risk having an evil rooster, but you may just turn out with a great rooster instead. The hens are good overall. Their eggs, however, are pretty small and are a very light brown color.

And yes, I would like to continue raising this breed.


Pros: Friendly, talkative, beautiful.

Cons: Lays small eggs

My Trinity is (in my opinion) the best bird in our flock. She is totally content to laze around in the run all day, and when I take her out, she'll sit on my knee and cluck at me. Get one of these birds if you're looking for a friendly companion.


Pros: Feathered Feet, Loves attention, Smart, Quiet, Cute and ADORABLE!

Cons: Stubborn... Thats it.

My baby girl is quite the stubborn Hen, But is my best friend. If I don't pay attention to her right away she gets stubborn and jumps on my back. When I set her down she looks up at me and acts like her leg is broken so I pick her up again. She is so sweet and doesn't like being put down. She is a lap Hen. She would do so well as a house Hen. 


Pros: Friendly, sociable, curious.

Cons: Not a good layer, and eggs are small.

I have 1 Mille Fleur hen, and she is one of the most friendliest chickens in my flock. She is very friendly and will stay on my lap as long as I let her She is not a good egg layer of tiny white eggs, and her eggs are a weird shape, a regular egg figure with a slight depression in the middle. I'm not sure about the temperament of roosters, but they are said to be aggressive. I do know they are very loud, so I wouldn't recommend having a d'Uccle bantam rooster with neighbors around. I would recommend the hens of this breed to people who don't need a good egg layer, but want a lap chicken.


this color comes in several breeds including but not limited to: d'uccle, cochin, leghorn (still in development), and many other breeds. i would never want this color to become a breed of its own by doing so you would end up including all breeds that already come in this color but i do love my 2 mille d'uccle cockerels such sweeties for now until their hormones take over then i will see what their adult temperment is like 


Pros: Very sweet, loves to be held follows me around

Cons: none so far

I got chickens for pets and my little Flori just melts me every


time I go out to the pen. I only have one since I wanted a variety but this is a breed I will get more of since I got chickens for pets. I couldnt find her one day only to realize as I was frantically searching she was following behind the whole time, I bend over and hold my hand out and she jumps up and nestles down - started doing that at 6 weeks old. She also loves to pose for pictures - she is always photo bombing everyone else - I honestly think she does the chicken version of the "duck face" for pictures


Pros: She is amazingly sweet, so pretty

Cons: you will want 200 of these!

Lucy is my little buddy ever since she was 2 days old, I have absolutely no complaints, well she likes to play king of the Water Bottle and knock everyone elses water out daily, but she is super sweet, friendly, highly recommended.


Pros: Small size, Easy to take care of, Great show birds, Very pretty.

Cons: small eggs, not winter-hardy

(Above) This is Apollo! My Grand Champion Mille Fleur Rooster...

Mille Fleur Bantam

The Mille Fleur Bantam, is not classified as a breed becuase Mille Fleur refers to the color, but in my eyes it should be reconized as a breed, as they have different tendancies then other bantams. The Mille Fleurs I have are extremely broody and very sweet. The roosters tend to be not aggresive but a tad skiddish. The hens are wondeful mothers and are used to hatch other breeds eggs. They easily adopt other chicks aswell, if their mothers won't accept them.

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