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Pros: Great Meat, Good Mothers.

Cons: Could get really aggresive.

These ducks are great for meat and the females are great mothers. Males could get really aggresive. Not suitable for kids or other animals


I agree with the first part of your statement, but I must take exception to the second. I have a flock of exhibition quality muscovies along with a ton of free range chickens, three free range dogs and two free range pre-schoolers. We all get along. My ducks eat mealworms from my kids hands.
Love muscovies, no quacking, no musky smell, less mess and for meat, you can just skin them out and cook them like a roast, no plucking! And the meat tastes sublime.
first part agree but not the 2nd part. none of the 5 drakes we have are aggresive but again we handle everyday i have yet to see an aggresive scovy. they are great around both kids and pets. love my scovies
Mine are not at all aggressive to humans.  The mothers are protective of their young and would take on a cat or a coon; the coon would kill her anyway but I hope a cat would be coward enough to run from a protective hen duck and leave the ducklings alone.  I hate cats, but there is a feral cat, too fast to shoot and too wary to trap, that I fear will hunt my ducks.  I haven't been able to kill it, much as I want to.
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