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A Review On: Naturally Free Layer Chicken Feed, 25lbs

Naturally Free Layer Chicken Feed, 25lbs

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Pros: looks healthy! tons of good stuff in it

this is a great feed for your ladies.  No soy or corn, just good whole grains (barley, wheat, peas, triticale, etc).  I like to mix in black sunflower seeds and millet to stretch it further.  My girls devour this stuff. Once when the feed store was out, I gave them "Albers" which is a conventional feed and they looked at me like "I have to eat this crap?"


It's a healthy food for them which is important to me because what goes into them goes into their eggs, which further enter my body. It's locally grown here in Washington by small farmers, and it's organic (although not certified). If you care about their health, give them this.


It even has oyster shells and grit mixed in, but I still offer free choice.


I have been using the S&P starter since the begining on my birds, and it has been great as well! I add a little sprinkle of starter grit to the feeder with the morning feed, just in case. They are doing fantastically on it, it also doesn't seem to create the same "farmy chicken" smell with the feces, an important factor in the suburbs! It is still poo of course, but isn't nearly as stinky as others chickens I've smelled. All in all, I think I will keep my flock on this feed at all stages! It is good to know that the layer feed does have some oyster shell and grit already in it.
I just switched over and after they ate it they rolled in it where it had been! LOL