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Norfolk Grey Reviews


Good rare breed


Pros: friendly, excellent foragers

Cons: don't lay as often as hybrids

Very friendly birds and amazing foragers. Not flighty if regularly handled, but there is some variation in personalities as with all birds. Lay 2 eggs every 3 days when young.   They start laying lightly tinted (pale brown) eggs at around 6 months old, same as many other breeds. This is a rare breed which is probably impossible to find outside of UK so if you have a similar looking bird, then it is likely to be silver Sussex.
cochin lover

Norfolk Grey


Pros: friendly, pretty, good foragers

Cons: bit flighty

My Norfolk Grey birds are one of the most easy birds to raise and are so sweet.  I would definitely get these again.

My Norfolk Grey girl


Pros: Beautiful irridescent plumage and deep limpet pool eyes

Cons: Bit flightly and shy

Bought from a rare breeds farm last year in Kent, Kes is a very striking bird.  She has a black/green shimmerly plumage (oil slick like), with the most amazing deep black eyes.  The whole eye is black, so she has a beautiful soft stare.  Her eyes seem much bigger than the other hens.  She has a large comb and wattles, which are a pretty shape and grey legs.   Her legs and feet seem quite big, compared to some of my other birds, but she is a fairly large size bird.   She is of equal size but different shape to my Cochin (who is one of my largest).   So far, she has been laying fairly regular (can't be precise with a big flock sorry), but...
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