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My Norfolk Grey girl

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Norfolk Grey

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Pros: Beautiful irridescent plumage and deep limpet pool eyes

Cons: Bit flightly and shy

Bought from a rare breeds farm last year in Kent, Kes is a very striking bird.  She has a black/green shimmerly plumage (oil slick like), with the most amazing deep black eyes.  The whole eye is black, so she has a beautiful soft stare.  Her eyes seem much bigger than the other hens.  She has a large comb and wattles, which are a pretty shape and grey legs.   Her legs and feet seem quite big, compared to some of my other birds, but she is a fairly large size bird.   She is of equal size but different shape to my Cochin (who is one of my largest).   So far, she has been laying fairly regular (can't be precise with a big flock sorry), but she is under a year old and it is Spring!   I am very pleased with her and will definately buy some ore next time I pass WRBF!    If you like a bird to look kind and gentle, rather than a cold hard stare, they eyes would win me over every time.  (I have deduced one star as they are said to not be good layers.)


I don't believe we can get Norfolk Greys in the USA but I AM intrigued by the very solid black eyes. My two Silkies have the solid black eyes too and they are so cute when they look up at you. My Black Silkie is very striking with the added black eyes as well. The only part of her body not black are her turquoise earlobes LOL!
Taking into consideration their purported poor production, I hope they are very tasty!
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