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Partridge Plymouth Rock Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great free ranging chickens


Pros: Cold hardy, free range real well, lay threw winter, broody, calm

Cons: none

I breed these birds.  Temperament from some hatcheries are not that great.  I got my starter flock from Mt Healthy.  They did great were of two strains.  One being more heritage stock and one more production stock.  I have since added birds from another breeder.  I have not noticed the skittishness others have mentioned.  My farm dog could walk among them with no problems.  Even had had squat for her to put her paw on their back like I would do with my hand.  Even had a couple hens that would sit on my lap if I sat on a chair, there idea not mine.  Egg size varies from med to xlarge.  Color varies also from some hatcheries from...
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Flashy, bouncy, good free-range chickens. Non-aggressive to other breeds.


Pros: Beautiful plumage, great free rangers, and friendly.

Cons: Mine don't like being handled.

These birds are WONDERFUL. They look so pretty as they forage in my yard. Every time I go outside they run up to me, seeing if I have anything for them. Most of them are quite talkative, a couple are quiet. My rooster is very docile. The only thing these birds don't like is being picked up. Sometimes they flap and sqwack, but the relax after a few seconds. These make a wonderful addition to anyone's flock. The birds are good layers as well.
The Momma

Great chickens for those that want independent chickens


Pros: Very forgiving to new chicken farmers, beautiful, hardy, great free range foragers, very alert

Cons: Skidish, vocal

I gotta admit i love these birds. I have 3 hens. I have another rooster and Australop hen and everyone gets along perfectly. My other rooster is  barred rock and he's in love with my girls. Definitely the dominant rooster now. My birds are only 12 weeks so they haven't laid so I can't comment to egg production. I hatched them all and had no idea what I would get! They are free range and are fantastic at keeping their bellies full. Now to be honest, they are not friendly but they are not aggressive either. They are inquisitive but not friendly. I really do love that about them. I can call them and they come to my voice and follow me. They don't like to be handled but that's...
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Negative Reviews


Partridge Plymouth Rock


Pros: Semi-good layers, broody (if you like broody hens), and pretty.

Cons: Broody (if you don't like broody hens), flighty, and have genetical problems.

   Partridge Plymouth Rocks aren't the best breed. Ours are very broody and very flighty also. She is an okay layer that we know of. Our bird has wry tail, which is why I put that they breed can have "genetical problems". These birds are very pretty with there partridge coloring. Overall, not the best birds.

Very pretty, but wouldn't buy again


Pros: Very pretty

Cons: Noisy, flighty, antisocial

Our hen is very pretty, but very loud. She is a fast runner who runs away if you step in her direction. Our other hens will follow directions a little bit, but this one just ignores us. She is six months old and has yet to lay an egg (she is not a rooster) unlike her barred rock counterparts who are giving us many eggs.
Bogtown Chick

Alienating Rooster


Pros: Stunningly beautiful, large

Cons: Skiddish, do not socialize well, bully

Partridge Plymouth Rock.  I thought I was getting a pullet but, they pulled a Roo.  Of all the birds I thought if this one could be a Roo,I'll be lucky.  That was an early and brief thought.  Green, orange, red, yellow feathers.  Iridescent classic looking Rooster from Farmyard scenes galore.  I wanted the classic barnyard.  What I didn't count on was a resistant to our kind socialization of any sort.  8  other different breeds we got with him and they can all be picked up, name it.  He was so persistant with our hens and got in fights with the two other cockerels that he was raised with.  In the end, I often saw him...
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More Reviews


Beautiful birds


Pros: look good, lay all winter, good to free range

Cons: skittish, bossy, dominant

Got 2 in 2011. Still have 1 that turned 3 recently. The other on started loosing feathers under her neck and under her belly, then died. The other on I still have won me the best standard hen at the Middlesex county 4-H fair. She lays pretty well for a 3 year old. They were both always skittish and never could really handle them. I started with a flock of 4, 2 buff Minorcas and the 2 partridge Plymouth rocks which worked out great. They pretty much took care of themselves as I learned how to take care of them. I love their feathers!

Neat birds


Pros: Good layers large light pinkish brown eggs

Cons: Broody/ can be aggressive

I love this breed! Although, one hen became so broody, she tried attacking me, but that I did not allow. I always grab my aggressors and pet them, hold them carry them around, grab her beak in nest if she tried to bite me. They really do quit being brats if you take action, it works for me. I ordered more for my new flock.

Enjoyed Them Thoroughly


Pros: Good layers, attractive colouring, hardy, lays lovely light brown eggs

Cons: Very vocal/noisy, not good "pets", not very broody

We got our PPR hens almost a year ago now as laying hens and they have not disappointed, they laid well, through winter and and were very hardy to the elements. My only complaints is that they are very loud and are not very cuddly, which is not a problem for us! They also showed little to no signs of broodiness, which is also not a problem for us. I would not recommend them for anyone that lives near other people or for people looking for a broody hen. If you are looking for a hardy breed that lays lovely light brown eggs, this is the breed for you. I am very pleased with my PPR hens and would recommend them highly!

great for meat and feathers


Pros: pretty, would be great meat bird, broody

Cons: flighty, tend to be low on the totem poll

She isn't real good with being had led unless she can have her feet on something and even then she still tries to get away. She is very pretty and I greatly enjoy getting her feathers when she molts, also if she were to be butchered she would have lots of meat.  unfortunately she is the lowest in the pecking order and gets picked on a lot.

Beautiful bird


Pros: vert pretty, strong, regal.

Cons: not the most freindly

I have had my Partridge for about 5 weeks now, her name is hazel, and she is one of the most beautiful chicks in my flock. She loves to scratch around, and dust bathe. She's calm, but royal, and very messy. She dose not love to be held as much as the others do, but if i wrap her up in my sweater, she hunkers down and falls to sleep.

The graceful queen of the flock


Pros: Elegant and pretty, alert and assertive, with a good disposition

Cons: None that I've seen so far.

Granted, I only have one in my current flock, but my partridge rock hen, Penelope, has been a stellar member of the crew so far. Even as a chick, she had a long, graceful neck and a pretty head. The breed's feather patterning is just beautiful. From the start, she was always jumping up on the feeder and water to investigate and get a better look to see what was going on around her. She has never minded being handled, and though she won't seek out your attention, she is content to have it. She recently went on a school visit with me so that the art students could use her as a drawing model. She was calm, and was a good sport about the whole thing, even laying an egg in the middle...
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I like these birds a lot.


Pros: Nice looking birds with great personality.

Cons: None yet.

I wasn't sure I'd like them but have found them to be attractive and friendly so far. Hardy robust little birds. I wanted to add that with time I am liking these birds more and more. Friendly,intelligent and very aware when it comes to winged predators. They just get prettier and friendlier with time. I would definitely buy this breed again.

Very beautiful birds


Pros: Pretty, nice, gets along with other birds

Cons: can be a little antisocial with people

So far we have 2 Partridges in our flock of six and one is a male and is a female!  They are only about 3months old so we don't have any eggs yet but we can't wait!  The hen is smaller than the rooster by a decent amount and she is small than our white rocks!  She doesn't like to be touch and squaks at us when we try to pet her.  She will let us pick her up and play with her some so she isn't too bad.  She can be sweet when she wants to ;)  She's a fast little thing that's for sure.  The rooster is sweet and eats a lot!  He isn't dominant over them at all though.  The female white rocks are dominant over him.  He just started crowing...
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Beautiful, curious, reliable layers


Pros: Reliable egg layer, beautiful feathers, heavy body make them acceptable dual-purpose birds

Cons: Slightly skittish

Beautiful girls that are an excellent addition to friendly flock of backyard layers.  Raised mine from a day old and she's sweet but I couldn't give her five stars because she doesn't love petting or being held like I'd expect from a hen handled and raised like she was.  

Love these!


Pros: Friendly, great layers

Cons: none that I can think of

We got 5 partridge plymouth rocks and these girls are awesome! As friendly as our light brahmas, beautiful coloring and great layers. I will be adding more!
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