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Pekin Reviews

Positive Reviews


Love them!


Pros: Friendly, forage well, stay close to house, easy to tame

Cons: Eat a lot, poop a lot

Only had mine a year now, but love them like crazy.  They are way tame, but spent some time doing that.  They stick together, one male, 6 females, like a cloud, and move as one unit.  Lay eggs like crazy, all winter long, some two a day, big healthy eggs with huge yolks, great for baking and egg dishes, any baker or cook would give their right arm to have a daily supply of these eggs.  Easy, easy to keep, give them fresh bedding, water supply and feed once a day, they're perfectly happy.  Will nest in cardboard boxes on the outside porch and come home every evening unasked.  Guess it's all in how you raise them.  Can see if you don't pay attention,...
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Chic CAN

Best Ducks ever


Pros: Grows fast for meat, extremely efficient layers, adorable, entertaining, friendly, Good watch ducks

Cons: Can be overly noisy, very messy, poop machines

I love my Pekins. Their eggs are not overly strong, massive, and they lay 1-2 eggs a day for me. They take a 1 -2 month rest period which varies.  I have 3 Ducks and so I get a continuous supply of extra jumbo eggs. And if you bake they are amazing for baking. Ducks eggs are higher than chicken eggs in protein so kudos to that.  Plus the shells peel more than they do crack, so you don't have to worry about shell getting into your batter.   They are butcher weight in 8 weeks. We eat our extra drakes, and it is easy to tell gender by their quack, as early as 4 weeks in age.   Speaking of Quacks. The females quack just like Donald Duck laughs. Always brings a smile to...
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Great Birds for eggs, meat or for fun!


Pros: Good layers, Friendly/Easy to catch

Cons: Messy, Need a good amount of room, need good duck/drake ratio

I have have been raising ducks for years now. Pekins are really friendly ducks. They stay pretty close to home, they are good layers and if you are looking for white craft feathers, look no further! They are also good meat ducks and can get pretty heavy. They don't fly, so they are easy to catch and little kids love them! Unfortantly you need to have a good ratio of ducks to drakes, otherwise (because of their size) they will pick on the smaller males as well. They are also slightly messy, and if you plan on having a little pool for them, it will need to be changed a lot!  

Negative Reviews


Not my favorite


Pros: Fluffy, white, decorative

Cons: Aggressive, hate water, "barn sour"

I have had three Pekins for about three months now and am not so much impressed.  I WANT to be, but I am not.  While they are absolutely gorgeous especially laying together under the grape vine trellis, they hate going into the pond (so they have no protection at all from predators, even what could be had on a pond).  In fact, they will just stay thirsty in the hot sun instead of going to the water unless I have herded my other ducks (some half grown ducklings that I am getting used to the pond) down first.  Then they will gulp water at the edge like they have not drunk in years. Speaking of the ducklings, the Pekins prowl the edge of the pond when the ducklings swim...
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Ducks and Banny hens



Pros: Friendly; personable

Cons: Prone to random heart problems, fast growing, white, unintellegent, fatty

I hate this breed. I entirely understand why people like them as house ducks/pets, but as an actual operating breed, this one fails miserably. The meat is flavourless and very fatty, the birds grow so fast they die for no apparent reason, they are poor rangers, and I dare say from all this, that mankind can't degrade one of God's blessed creatures much farther than that. My opinion.

Have two Pekins, wouldn't want any more!


Pros: They can't fly.

Cons: Boring generic looking duck, noisy, not at all broody, the drake is a bully

We primarily have Muscovies.   We also have a pair of Pekins;  the Pekin hen did lay one egg a day all winter when the Muscovies were off, but she is not at all broody.  The Pekin drake is a noisy and aggressive thug who bullies the younger Muscovy drakes.  He doesn't take on the senior Muscovy drake, who is my favorite bird;  if he ever does, I will have that Pekin for dinner..

More Reviews


I love Pekins!


Pros: Excellent Egg Layers, Hilarious, Loves to Play, Soft, Adorable, Easy to Catch, Good with Kids, Hardy in Every Way

Cons: Messy, Loud, Heavy, Hard to tell apart

I had a Pekin as a kid. His name was Jimmy. One night, he got attacked by an unknown predator. I though he was dead because he was laying there with massive holes in his neck. Well, I nursed him back to life, and he lived for many years after that...though he only had one eye after that (made for some good laughs trying to watch him run with his head tilted to one side).    I have Pekins again. I unfortunately ended up with 3 drakes and 1 duck. I haven't had problems yet, though I still plan to get rid of two drakes. They absolutely LOVE their pool. I had to take it away because I was afraid of all the males drowning her. They follow each other in a line which is hilarious....
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Goofy ducks


Pros: Silly, Sweet, good for cleaning up parasites in the goat pen.

Cons: A bit dumb, messy.

We have one Pekin, Daisy. She lives in the goat pen with our other duck, a mallard. He is more shy while Daisy will come up and eat out of your hand. We do not need to clean the goat area anymore, for they eat all the goat poop. They clean all the parasites. Daisy is messy, quirting grain everywhere but she always cleans it up. She is a sweet duck, so I would recommend Pekin's to anyone who wants a friendly duck. 

My Pekins


Pros: Very fun to watch, easy to take care of, very easy-going

Cons: They can be messy

I love my ducks so much that I want more! Pekin ducks are really easy to raise and have really good personalities. My ducks are skittish about being picked up, but like to be close to me when I'm in the yard. The eggs are delicious and the yolk is so orange and vibrant it turned me off of grocery store eggs forever. The only drawback is that they will lay eggs anywhere, so sometimes I have to go on an egg hunt (not quite as fun when they aren't dyed in pastels). Also, the ducks aren't broody at all, so if you want to hatch some more ducks, you'll have to get an incubator or a broody hen. I highly recommend these ducks. Another plus is that after Easter, you'll probably be able to find...
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Friendliest Pet


Pros: Super Friendly, even drakes. They only eat what you give, get along with other ducks/ducklings quickly, love water

Cons: Fat ones don't live long, eat a lot, poop a lot

I only have 1 Pekin that we rescued. I named him Frosty and he's the best pet ever. He loves me. I think it's true when they say that a Pekin's friendship towards humans rival that of dogs. We even introduced him to our Muscovy and Magpie ducklings, and he only nibbled their necks and feet every here and there. He loves water, but he gets less and less protective over "his" pool. He only eats what I give him, and he drinks a dog bowl of water a day. I am beginning to let him out with me every morning to get some exercise with the ducklings while I finish up the chickens.      

Great ducks for eggs


Pros: Good eggs, tame, easy care

Cons: Poop a lot

I hatched these out for a 4-H project having no intention of keeping them. I ended up with a beautiful pair and I'm looking forward to getting more. The eggs are fatastic! She started laying around Christmas and gives me an egg every day. They free range in the yard, but don't go very far. They are very nice to work around and are content to hang around the kiddie pool all day. They tolerate the cold much better than chickens.

Pekins Are a Delight


Pros: Beauiful, hardy birds that are pleasure to have around

Cons: They are a bit timid around people

Our first Pekin ducks came to us in the way of five eggs from a friend.  We placed them in our incubator and three hatched.  We wanted five ducks so we purchased two from Tractor Supply.  We had planned to put them on our pond when they were big enough, but our plans had to change when we couldn't move to the farm as soon as we hoped, so we built them a pen with a small pond and a house in our yard.  They are no trouble at all and everyone loves them.  Our closest neighbor has never complained that they are too noisy. I do supplement their feed, but they mostly eat plants and things they find on their own. .  They get along very...
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Good pets


Pros: Very friendly, enjoy being around humans, love being hand fed, funny antics always entertaining to watch

Cons: VERY messy, poop great volumes everywhere, spread water everywhere, females can be rather noisy

we raised our 2 female pekins from a few days old as pets They are now over 6 months old and we still love them as much as we ever did   although they startle easy (very nervous birds), they are very comfortable around people (even when we introduce them to new people) as long as you don't try to pick them up or the chase will be on!  But we did train them into being settled once they are picked up. I still don't think they are overly fond of being picked up, but they seem to accept defeat, and begrudgingly put up with being cuddled lol They will follow us around the yard gossiping away to each other like a couple of old ladies. We've even trained them to go...
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Disco Hen

Great Ducks!


Pros: lots of eggs, sweet

Cons: kinda loud

These are some of my favorite ducks! They are great, they lay one or sometimes even two eggs a day! They are also very affectionate. The only con is they are kinda noisy.

Skiddish, Beautiful, Tame, Protective


Pros: Gorgeous, Excellent layers, Hardy

Cons: Loud, Protective, Messy, Aggressive towards other ducks

As an owner of five Pekin ducks whom are over a year old and hand raised I feel like I've had time to observe these beautiful animals. They stay in the preferred area in and around their run and under the shelter of trees always. They move together as a group so as long as I see one I know the others aren't far behind. My three females were excellent egg layers-double yolks on a weekly bases. Unfortunately even after being raised by our family since they were days old they still aren't comfortable around us. They are treated humanely and pampered properly never chased or mistreated but they still refuse to accept that they live with us. They only run to us if they know we have food for...
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The Pinto Pony

Good Ducks!


Pros: Easy to handle, great pets, pretty, adorable

Cons: easily scared, dirty, noisy, drake is MEAN!

I have two Pekin ducks, a male and female that are my first ever Ducks.  I do NOT regret getting them at all.  They are very easily tamed if you get them when they're young  Although, my Drake is a biter and likes to aggravate my Muscovies. But they will follow me around the yard if I let them, and sometimes they try to fly, which is super funny! So if you don't want to fall in love with ducks then don't get this breed  !  They never fail to make me laugh and keep me super happy !
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