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Plastic 1 Quart Jar Feeder

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Pros: Cheap, good starter base feeder, can use a mayonnaise jar for top

Cons: Poop gets in if you don't have a jar on top, base separates too easily

I purchased this feeder from the local farm store when we bought our days old chicks.  We did not buy the jar for it at the time, as the feed store lady said we really wouldn't need it.  We found out later that a jar would have helped the poo from getting into the feed, but such is learning through example.  The feeder consists of a top part with the feed holes in it, and the bottom part that holds the feed. This separates very easily, so we found we had to really make sure those two pieces were secured before filling.  I did come to find out that a regular mayonnaise jar fit the base perfectly (we didn't have a mason jar) so that solved the poopy feed problem.  This is great as a starter feeder- we just upgraded to a hanging feeder since the chicks are over 8 weeks old now and this feeder is getting too small for them.  I'll still use it to put treats or grit in for when the chicks are adults, but the feeder is really small and probably is better suited for the chick stage.  Again, it is a very cheap price so I am not complaining- it held the chick starter food just fine, and with a jar on top, I didn't have the poo problem that we did at first. If you do use a jar, be prepared to see the jar half-empty when you turn it over to fill the feeder- although this didn't bother us so much as we used the jar more for a poop shield anyway.


This is good for when the chicks are smaller and you only have a few of them.  After a couple weeks they like to knock it over and perch on the top.  I prefer the longer trough like ones.


Pros: Cheap, space efficient

Cons: The bottom part comes apart way too easily, it gets top heavy, so chicks roost on it and tip it over.

I have about 4 of these, they are handy for raising chicks, but not to be used for chickens over 8 weeks. It empty's quickly, so I fill up the mason jar for the top, AND the bottom part at the same time, then slowly ease them together and then quickly slam them together so feed does not go everywhere, and it lasts a good bit longer, but still not as long as I wish. I got the red because the chicks are attracted to it and peck at it more than they might other colors. I have dropped feed many a time because the bottom part is forever falling apart.


Pros: Inexpensive, durable, easy to clean

Cons: Gets Jammed

It was only $3.75 and it will probably last for years, or even a lifetime. The plastic is thick and durable, so it is hard to break. A+ for durability! The top jar and the base screw apart and the top of the base can be pulled off as well to make the feeder easy to clean. The holes that the chicks eat through are also a good size and help keep the chicks from stepping in the feed and from scratching bedding into it as well. The only problem I currently have with the feeder is the sometimes the food doesn't fall into the base on it's own and the feeder needs to be tapped on a counter to provide feed. If you have the time to tap the feeder on a counter every once and a while I would definatly recommend this feeder to you! :)


Pros: Small, Inexpensive, User friendly

Cons: cheap but I only use it in the brooder so it doesn't need to last

Small and cheap but easy to use and lasts through brooding. Great inexpensive buy.


Pros: Can be easy to clean, hives chicks food/water all day, durable

Cons: Messy with older chicks

I have had mine for two years and still use them (I am right now for chicks tongue.png). They just tend to get dirty easily with older birds and run out quicker. Otherwise it's a great product!


Pros: Holds lots of feed, love the colors

Cons: Chicks will perch and poop on it.

I got this feeder when I had ducklings and LOVE IT!! I still use it for chicks and recommend it for people with only a few chicks.


Pros: Cheap, holds a lot of food,

Cons: chicks like to perch on it, they poop on it,

overall, i like it.


Pros: Holds a lot of food so if you're gone all day the chicks will have plenty of food.

Cons: Chicks constantly perch and poop on it. The bottom base gets full of poop and a lot of food gets wasted.

I like the bright colors of the bases and the large amount of food the feeder holds. BUT, every time I check on the chicks, one is perching on it and pooping on it, and it's not pleasant to fill the feeder up when it's covered in chicken turds, if you know what I mean..... Also they knock each other off of it and I'm afraid one will get hurt. I have yet to find the perfect feeder....

Plastic 1 Quart Jar Feeder

1 Quart Plastic Feeder is constructed of heavy duty polyethylene. Base features 8 openings with ribs to minimize feed spillage. Base and Jar is included. Great for school projects and home use for new baby chicks.

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