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Plymouth Rock : Buff Rock


Pros: Cold hardy, prone to broodiness, excellent mothers, good layers when not broody

Cons: Prone to broodiness, bossy

We have had Buff Rocks several times and overall, I like them a lot. I am a big fan of the Plymouth Rock breed in general, and have had every color McMurray sells. I have found that the Buff Rocks go broody more than any other of my flock, and they are very persistent at it. They make excellent mothers, however, are so protective of their eggs and chicks that if you are trying to handle either, you'd better make sure to wear protective clothing because they will try to eat you alive rather than let you touch their young. When not broody, they lay very large brown eggs frequently and lay all through the winter. Cold doesn't bother them one bit. If you are looking for very high egg production, I'd go with another breed, but if you want eggs and don't mind the frequent broodiness, this is a good choice. 


Pros: egg laying, friendly

Cons: late to mature

From the rest of the reviews, our Buff Rock seems to be an exception with regards to friendliness. She was rather shy until she came into lay but is now the friendliest of our girls, to the point where she will sit on my husband's knee.  


Our Buff Rock - and she is a buff rock with yellow legs and skin - is a large girl that we have nicknamed "Pillow Pet" due to her fluffy feathers. She's so fluffy that her head seems almost too small in relation to the size of her body. She's a great little egg layer, giving us an egg almost every day since she came into lay. They are currently medium in size but she's still a pullet.


Of the chicks we raised, she was the last to mature and come into lay. While not on the top of the pecking order, she's not shy and won't tolerate the older hens getting in her way or bossing her around. However, she's not aggressive to other hens or to humans. 


Pros: Great layers, gorgeous, broody, wonderful mothers

Cons: Not the friendliest, slow to mature, hard to find

We love our Buffs.  We've only had them a year and a half, but they've been terrific layers, setters, and mothers for us.  We're 2 for 2 with our broodies, and are so impressed with this breed that we're considering it exclusively for poultry production.

Personality-wise, they're not the friendliest, no, but if I had to choose, I'd take the aloof mother over the sweetheart who couldn't hatch an egg or raise a chick to save her life (although I'd really rather have both).  It just depends what your priorities are in your program, and setting and raising are priorities here.


We started out with MM stock and did fine, but we'd like to improve the quality of our flock, so will be looking to private breeders.


Pros: Big,attractive,afraid of nothing,curious

Cons: A bit (Bossy)-with other breeds sometimes.

Big buff and beautiful.

They don't take any bull from anybody.

They don't beat up the other birds but want first pick on the roosts at night.

Very calm birds.


Pros: Friendly, Alert

Cons: Needy

Have 3 pullets 4weeks old. They are the first up to the door to see whats going on. Have to be the center of attention. 1 is very spoiled has to be on my arm at all times. Gets along great with all the others.


Pros: Egg laying

Cons: skittish, mean, not nice!

I have 2 Buff Rocks in a mixed flock and they are the outsiders.  The other chickens don't like them, and I agree with the rest of my flock!  The Buff Rocks are skittish, hate interaction, are difficult to handle, and pick on any bird that comes near them.  I am not impressed.  I do like good layers, but not if they are yucky personalities.

Plymouth Rock : Buff Rock

Pure golden buff from feather base to tip. Intense yellow legs and beaks, bright red comb and wattle. Deep-well set body just as other Rocks.. sometimes a little smaller in size. They are fine winter layers of brown eggs and also good setters in late Spring. Baby chicks are a soft buff color right from the start. Source: Murray McMurray Hatchery Catalog

Breed PurposeEgg Layer
Climate ToleranceCold
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ColorBrown
Breed Temperament
Breed Colors/VarietiesBuff
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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