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Plymouth Rock Reviews

Positive Reviews


Sweetest Hens!


Pros: sweet, friendly, mild mannered, laidback

Of all the hens we currently have, our barred plymouth rocks are the sweetest! Both of them will jump onto my lap and sit when I go into the coop. They never bother any of the other chickens, just simply quietly go about their business all day. One of the two we have especially loves for me to pet her and she will go right to sleep. I picked 2 of these for our flock because when I was a little girl I had one and she also was the most friendly of the flock then. She would jump at the gate when I arrived home from school waiting for me to take her on a walk - yes, she would allow me to put a leash on her leg and go for walks every day. : )

Very Personable birds!


Pros: curious, intelligent, alert to predators, friendly, fast growing

Cons: can be bullies

Last summer, I purchased two white rock hens and one barred rock rooster as day old chicks. The barred rock roo was the most entertaining chicken I have ever owned! He had an unnatural interest in joining the human "flock" from young on. He often jumped into laps, begged for attention, ate greedily out of the hands of even strangers, and even learned a few tricks! The hens were not  outgoing, but were relatively docile. I have to say that I preferred the company of my barred rock rooster over the white rock hens;-)   My plymouth rocks seemed to be more alert and response to threats of predation. I was very impressed when watching my rooster protect "his" hens... we have a...
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A handsome chicken for your flock!


Pros: Beautiful, great layer, easily conned with mealworms, friendly, laidback, adaptable to climates. Auto sexing bonus.

Cons: Cant thing of any!

Despite these being such a popular breed of chicken, its pretty hard to get them where I live in the Northern Territory in Australia. My partner brought me back a dozen from Melbourne (with two other breeds as well) and I hatched 8, however I had two that died later on. Of course, 4 roosters and 2 hens was the results so I kept one hen of each of the breeds that my partner brought back, an Australorp and a Faverolles. The growth of the Plymouth was in the middle of the two other breeds, the lorp being the biggest, quickest to grow and the first layer and the Faverolles being the smallest however the Plymouth was the last to lay. So I see the Plymouth as a slower maturing bird basing her...
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Negative Reviews


I dont like them


Pros: They are a strong breed from chick to adult.

Cons: They are as mean as can be to other breeds and their own breed.

When we bought them from a lady they were just as mean as they could be to our chickens and even with time they still picked on them.I thought maybe they were just mean so i hatched out chicks thinking maybe they would be nicer....Wrong..

Won't be getting this breed again


Pros: Beautiful, not noisy and did I say beautiful?

Cons: Skittish, avoiding, late layer, extremely aggressive, weird....

I have to admit this is not my favourite breed of chicken. We have one Plymouth and she is a weird girl. She doesn't eat a lot, doesn't make a lot of noise. However she is very, very skittish. Also she is 9 months old and has never laid a single egg in her life. I think she stopped growing at 4 months old, well at least her comb and wattles did because they are very small and very pink. I do not think I will get this breed again, as stunning as they are because our girl at least is a little....strange. Also we have our foster chickens who are near my girls and our Plymouth has become extremely aggressive. I was holding one of the fosters and the Plymouth lunged and tried to attack her....
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HUGE eggs, but agressive towards other chickens


Pros: Pretty, great layer, large eggs

Cons: Not friendly, aggressive

I have only had one plymouth rock, but she was the meanest out of all my chickens. When I added to my flock, she pecked a hole down to the bone in my new blue wyandotte. I eventually got rid of her, since the blue wyandotte went broody and I just knew the the white plymouth rock would kill her chicks when they hatched.    Like I said, I can only speak for the experience I had with the one chicken but this is the impression I got of the breed. 

More Reviews


Barred rocks are good.


Pros: They lay well, the hens are friendly, they make good pets. Also very hardy.

Cons: Roosters are so mean!

Plymouth rocks are good and friendly as long as you only have hens. Roosters are really mean. I would not recommend a Barred rock rooster to anyone but breeders. In all other fields Plymouth rocks are great!   

Good all-purpose birds


Pros: Hardy, productive, meat & eggs, good balance between self-sufficience and 'pet' qualities

Cons: Can be a little stand-offish, hard to catch.

I have two white Rocks and two partridge Rocks. They're actually quite different, but that may have more to do with breeding than anything else. The white rocks were the first to lay, at about 20 weeks of age. I get 6 eggs a week per bird and they lay double yolkers quite frequently. Mine are clearly bred for production, not quality. Their combs and feet are a bit mangled looking and they're quite light for their size, but they're very sweet birds and do not mind being handled. I currently have a broody white Rock, my first broody of my flock! Quite the surprise to me. She's been broody for several weeks, and I did not manage to break her, so she has gotten a clutch of eggs to hatch....
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Barred Rocks


Pros: Can be sweet. Good layers. Almost never go broody.

Cons: Little bit flighty, almost never go broody.

Love the breed. They basically never go broody. Which can be good or bad. Great for cold climates.

Plymought Rocks are overall great chickens to have.


Pros: Attractive, hardy, inquisitive, good with people. Good layers, overall healthy.

Cons: None

I have had Barred Plymouth Rocks for two years now. We raised them from day old chicks and they have been a delight since. As chicks and pullets they would sit on us (or our cat) all the time. They are very attractive hens. They look beautiful as they walk around our suburban yard, pecking and scratching. Quite often, one or two of them will come and sit with me when I am sitting in the yard reading. When I garden they love to get right in the soil with me to pick out the grubs. During normal conditions we get about 4-5 eggs per week from them, they are very good layers. In two years they have not gone broody yet. They moulted once and it lasted maybe three months. They are overall...
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Barred Plymouth Rock


Pros: Good Layers, Nice (most of the time)

Cons: Bitey

My barred rock is a good layer,in the summer she lays about one a day and at least 5-6 a week, sometimes even seven! She is mostly nice but will peck at the others for food. And she bites me whenever I collect the eggs so I advise you wear gloves (just kidding! But sometimes it hurts)   

My Favorites


Pros: Beautiful, friendly, excellent layers, very cold tolerant, do well confined.

Cons: Some have trouble with very hot weather.

I love my Rocks. They are friendly, intelligent, and they lay so many eggs I almost have trouble keeping up with them all! Very hardy, healthy birds. The hens are also pretty quiet, until they see me coming out to visit (or are laying!). My roo has a beautiful crow, not too loud, just right. Their eggs are medium brown, and the size of each egg is becoming more consistant as they age. They do very well in confinement, but they would rather be roaming. Easy to catch and handle when needed. Great breed for begginers and pros both!   I did lose one hen to the summer heat. Keep an eye on your flock if you live where it gets very hot, as they are a heavy breed. Make...
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Protective, Relatively Calm, and an Important Member of the Flock


Pros: Protective, Generally Cautious of Predators, 1 Egg per Day, Curious, Great Pets

Cons: Can be Stubborn

As an average suburban chicken keeper, I have to say the Plymouth Rock is a great edition to my small flock. This chicken is very protective of the smaller hens and seems to be very aware of aerial predators. Although my Plymouth Rock is quite stubborn in the mornings, she's usually just silently foraging in the backyard. I recommend that you free range these chickens though; I've tried keeping her enclosed and she can't stand it, large or small run. Plymouth Rocks can be used for a variety of purposes. Even though I'm not going to be eating mine, I can see that these birds would make great chickens to eat after they are past their laying days. They're laying is definitely satisfactory,...
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Perfect family chicken


Pros: Friendly, intelligent, great layers, and beautiful!

Cons: No cons here

Great all around chicken. Wonderful with the kids, even the roosters are sweet and can be carried around like pets. Lay better than any other breed we have had including the Rhode Island Reds. I can say nothing bad about them.

Great cute birds


Pros: fluffy, friendly, curious

Cons: can be bullied

In my flock, my two Plymouth Rocks, Waddles and Nugget are awesome. They both are super friendly, meaning they pull at my hair! they love it when I hand feed them. Sadly Nugget is four months old but still the size of like a two and a half month old. To me that's a great thing that makes her cute, but to the other hens and roosters they take advantage of her size and playful and nice nature. She is probably the last chicken in the pecking order (behind one rooster, three hens, and another rooster) who doesn't really have anyone who is nice to her except for sometimes one of the roosters, Scrambles, will be nice. They either ignore her because it's not a challenge or bully her. I...
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The Best Hen!


Pros: Sweet, Unique, Good Layers, Beautiful, Just great chickens!

Cons: I can't really think of any, I will edit the review if I do!

I had one Plymouth Rock hen. She was old. I rescued her with 5 others off the side of the road. Some cruel person must have dumped them their, people can be so terrible. The 6 hens had mites, and they were just a mess! So I took them home and medicated them. However a few months later she died. Her name was Doodle. I loved her. She was so unique, and had quite a personality. The first time I hand fed her, she came up pecked, jumped back, and kept doing that. It looked like she was dancing! She was a good layer for her old age. She didn't lay much, I don't eat eggs, so I didn't care! The only reason she didn't lay much is because of her age though. She would lay about 2 eggs a day. I...
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