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Plymouth Rock

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Pros: Docile, good egg layer and hardy

Cons: None

I have one Barred rock who has such a expressive face, it makes me laugh everytime I look at her!  They are hardy in the winter and are great egg layers, they lay medium brown eggs.  Very friendly and docile, but it all depends on how you raise them.  I highly recomend this breed for anyone who wants chickens, its just a plain beautiful bird with a great personality.


Hi! I have 11 chicks in the brooder box, the oldest are 6 weeks old. My 2 Plymouth Rocks are 5 weeks. They are incredibly sweet chicks. They have been the most tame and interested in me from the start. They literally run and fly over the over chicks to get to me, one of them waiting her turn while I hold the other. It makes me laugh how much they want to be held. I have to say that these girls, along with 1 of my Silver Laced Wyandottes, are the favorite in my folk. They watch me all the time, just hoping I'll pick them up and pet them. ♥
I have a 6 week old Barred Rock pullet. She's WONDERFUL. She sleeps in my arms like a baby! She's beautiful too. I love her. Her name is Lady Lacey. That's her in my avatar on top of the hen house. I think that Barred Rocks are the best breed of chicken there is. I went through two cockerels just to get her. Before I picked her out, I kept nervously reminding myself, 3rd times a charm, and it was!!
I have 2 barred rocks and one partridge. All three of them are very friendly, my smallest barred will jump on my lap when prompted and all three love to jump on my back and shoulders to just hang out. They totally go with the flow and do well with my one rhode island red. I love the breed and will have more. They haven't begun laying yet but hoping for eggs soon.
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