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A bit aggressive for me

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Plymouth Rock

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Pros: Great layers, fearless

Cons: Aggressive

We added 3 Barred Plymouth Rocks to our existing flock this year. We handeled them a ton as chicks to get them used to humans. We also go 3 Buff Orpingtons with them and raised them together. The buffs integrated into the flock without any problems. The Barred Rocks not so much. They attacked, pecked and defethered all the chickens except one EE. When they started on her, she let them have it. She's not the queen of the flock but she doesn't want to be bothered either. The Barred Rocks also imprinted on my husband to the point that we started calling them Dad's Girlfirend (DG). They would follow him around the yard and peck or chase anyone who came up to him.


We'll be getting new babies again this year but it won't be Barred Rocks and we'll be getting rid of the Rocks when the new chickes are old enough.


They do lay very well though and they seem to be able to handle the cold and heat very well. They're just not for me.


These are not a bird for throwing away. They are highly intelligent, each of mine has a wide emotional range and distinct personality. They enjoy their freedom I think more than any of my wide variety of breeds. both Laser and Beam sold first out of any of my birds for sale when people met them .My advice is to free range Plymouth Rock birds!
Yup. The Rockers like to range. My top hen is an Australorp. She'll slap them around if they get too big for their britches.
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