Pros: Fair Layers, Beautiful To Look At

Cons: Flighty, Often Become Spooked By Their Shadow or Crest

The Polish, otherwise known as a Poland, is a popular breed of chicken, best known for it's wild topknot of head feathers, called a crest. 


They originated in the Netherlands, not in Poland, as their name suggests. They can be quite tame, but most are flighty and skittish because their crest interferes with their vision, making them unable to see things, and causing them to get spooked. Polish hens rarely go broody, and are fair layers of small, white eggs.


They come in the following colors:


White crested black: APA recognized

White crested blue: APA recognized

White Crested Khaki: Not recognized by APA

White Crested Chocolate: Not recognized by APA

White Crested Cuckoo: Not recognized by APA

White Crested Buff: Not recognized by APA

Silver Laced: APA recognized

Golden Laced: APA recognized

Buff Laced: APA recognized

White Laced Red: APA recognized

Blue: Not recognized by APA

White: APA recognized

Self Black: Not recognized by APA

Self Cuckoo: Not recognized by APA 

Self Buff: Not recognized by APA

Tolbunt: Not recognized by APA

Partridge: Not recognized by APA

Crele: Not recognized by APA

Black Crested White: APA recognized 

Columbian: Not recognized by APA

Buff Columbian: Not recognized by APA

Black Tailed Red: Not Recognized by APA


Hope that helps someone out there! Thanks for looking! yippiechickie.gif



Pros: That topknot!

Cons: don't see well

Docile nice birds that your friends will love. To keep that topknot clean, band it up or keep their water in narrow containers so it doesn't fall in and get soiled. Dust the crest regularly for mites because they can't reach it to preen.


Pros: Beauteous

Cons: Haven't any I think :-)!

I love the Polish Chicklets that have come to live here at my Sparkle Garden on Goose Hill hugs.giflove.gifMy Miss Divine Miss Clara loves her swing and is just so very awesome.


Here are couple of Chicklets from Hot2Pots beauteous eggs I was fortunate enough to hatch love.gif



Pros: friendly, cute, curious, protective as roosters

Cons: a little too much flying

Although most people say how they can be bullied, my 2 polish roosters definitely fit in. The one silver laced polish rooster, Scrambles, is goofy with his tilted head feathers and just adorable. He's everyone's' favorite (except mine because I don't like to play favorites with my chickens) and will jump on my lap like a lap dog. He is super friendly and funny because his legs bend weird so he cant walk exactly normal. He isn't on the top of the pecking order (probably like second to last), but doesn't get picked on by anyone, except for the other rooster who gets mad at Scrambles if he pecks the hens. My other white crested blue bantam polish rooster, Eggy (they were both supposed to be girls),  is definitely the top chicken. He is a good looking bird who will fly on my shoulder. Eggy is very protective and has the total mentality of a rooster, unlike Scrambles who is just like another hen. Surprisingly, the two are not fighting at all even with only four hens! Only problem is they both have jumped on top of the coop, which is like 6 feet tall, and kind of encourage the others to do it too. Eggy is definitely Scrambles role model and Scrambles will follow him everywhere, even though Eggytries to get away because he thinks Scrambles is kind of a freak (which he is pretty much, but that isn't a bad thing for him). So, my overall thing for Polish chickens is they are great to have as pets.


Pros: Productive Layer

Cons: Limited Eyesight

I get a medium white egg from my Silver Laced Polish hen on the daily bases. She is a petite chicken compared to other breeds of my flock. However I am pleased with how beautiful she is! I think most would agree that the Polish breed are great conversation starters. My guests are always shocked - even friends of mine that have experience with chickens. Everyone loves the crest. The only con I would point out is that the crest creates limited eyesight which can be dangerous for a free ranging chicken. 


My chicken is a bit muddy in this picture!





Pros: Hardy, friendly, easy care, decent layers of big white eggs, plus they make me laugh!

Cons: They will roost in trees if given the opportunity, but keep them safe in a coop at night.

If you have to build a separate coop in order to keep Polish, get busy because they are better entertainment than TV. Love all the beautiful colors, and my roosters are so nice I never worry about them being aggressive with anyone. Great birds for kids, and everyone that sees them here on the farm wants one or more!:-)


Pros: The top notches look pretty. Good layers. descent sized eggs. Freindly.

Cons: When they drink in the winter it gets in there top notches and they freeze. they get the top notches to protect their head. there head is very open.

A very nice breed to have, they are friendly nice and smart. they are very pretty. even though they will die because they froze from the water. you can cut their top notches.there top notches are open, so a couple of pecks and they will die. they have descent sized eggs.


Pros: Tough

Cons: Flighty, Annoying, Almost Blind, Slightly Aggressive

A lot of you are not going to believe this review, but I am being quite serious. We recieved a polish chicken as our mystery chicken from Mcmurray hatchery with a bunch of Austrolorps. They are 11 months old now. He is the top chicken in the pecking order, has shown aggressive behaviour, and pecked a hole in my hen's head. But he was very tough being bitten by three dogs and survived. Overall I am not impressed with this breed and most likely will not get it again.


Pros: Sweet, cuddly, cute, love being held.

Cons: I can't think of any!

My brother and I have three one-month old Polish chicks whose names are Tulip (Gold Laced), Beth (Buff Laced) and Peaceful (White Crested Black), and they are all super sweet, and when ever I go into their pen and sit down, Beth and Tulip and their Brahma friend jump up onto my back or shoulder to rest or snuggle. They all will run into my hand if I call them! I love my Polish, and now they are one of my favorite breeds. 


Here are pictures of them:






Pros: Beautiful, eye catching, not terrible layers, fun to watch

Cons: Limited eye sight, more susceptible to predators due to large crests, can be pretty flighty and nervous, can fly fairly well

We had a trio of Golden Polish that were about four years old. Unfortunately we lost them to a fox. Now, we have a trio of Buff Laced, Golden and Silver Polish. We got them for eye candy, and they fulfill their role very well! We love watching them peck around while their crests flop around. They're very attractive and fair layers of smallish white eggs. Their large crests do limit their eyesight considerably which can make them seem a little uncoordinated and well, stupid. They are also more vulnerable to predators and can be quite jumpy. As with most light breeds, their light weight and smaller frame make them able to fly pretty well. I believe their positive qualities outweigh their negative ones, however. I think they make fine additions to any flock.




Little is known about the history of the Polish breed. At this time, there is no evidence that proves that they even came from Poland! The oldest record of the breed is a statue located in Vatican City that greatly resembles a Polish Chicken. The breed as a whole has a mysterious history, but because of their beauty, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Breed PurposeOrnamental
Climate ToleranceAll Climates
Egg ProductivityMedium
Egg SizeMedium
Egg ColorWhite
Breed TemperamentFlighty,Noisy,Shy
Breed Colors/VarietiesWhite Crested : Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Choc. Solid : Black, Blue, White, Cuckoo Laced : Silver, Golden, Buff Other : Tolbunt, Crele
Breed SizeLarge Fowl
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

Chicken Breed Info:

Breed Purpose: Ornamental
Comb: V-Shaped
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:

Egg Productivity: Medium
Egg Size: Medium
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:


Breed Colors / Varieties:

White Crested : Black, Blue, Cuckoo, Choc. Solid : Black, Blue, White, Cuckoo Laced : Silver, Golden, Buff Other : Tolbunt, Crele

Breed Details:

Along with the vibrant color array that the breed already has, Breeders are constantly making new colors, such as the Black Crested White Polish and Red Crested Red Polish. Frizzled polish are becoming more popular as well, and there are even a few breeders working on Naked Neck (NN) Polish, and NN Frizzled Polish. I have 7 colors of polish and greatly enjoy their unique personalities. They are flighty, but with a little effort on the ownerÂs part, they will tame, and make great pets. The chicks are a little harder to start off than some other breeds, but in the long run, it is more than worth it to choose this breed.