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Tough and Annoying

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Pros: Tough

Cons: Flighty, Annoying, Almost Blind, Slightly Aggressive

A lot of you are not going to believe this review, but I am being quite serious. We recieved a polish chicken as our mystery chicken from Mcmurray hatchery with a bunch of Austrolorps. They are 11 months old now. He is the top chicken in the pecking order, has shown aggressive behaviour, and pecked a hole in my hen's head. But he was very tough being bitten by three dogs and survived. Overall I am not impressed with this breed and most likely will not get it again.


I had a polish frizzle rooster and he was very aggressive.  When he started to go after me I knew he had to go.  I thought it might have been because he was picked on by another rooster at his previous home and we thought he would be ok once he settled in.. never happened and would throw himself at the fence trying to get at us if we walked past.  One of his offspring I have is also a rooster and was very friendly until he matured enough to start mating.  Now he is aggressive as well so I also think it might be the breed.
Our neighbor had a polish rooster and whenever anyone would step into the entry way of the coop he would fly and hit the coop doorr. Nasty fellow, he was. However our Polish hen was one of the sweetest little personalities that you could ask for.
Some polishes just have different attitudes. I had one that would run away for a few days, we would all be convinced that she was dead, and then she would show up again! She also survived a dog bite and countless "chicken fights". Her name was Squakish. Unfortunately, a mystery disease took her a couple of years ago. But she was an interesting bird because the other chickens had pecked her bald except for a fringe of feathers around her head. She was a good 4-H hen and we miss her. I have never had a polish roo, though, so maybe the roos are just more aggressive. I hope that he becomes more likable as time passes. Thanks for the review!
I have a mixed flock, and I've had nasty behavior from breeds that other people praise for being easygoing and sweet -- my last roo standing sounds a lot of like yours, and here's a hint, I have no roosters at the moment... I'm pretty sure the bad ones taste better. Out of curiosity, do you free-range? I kept my bad roo around much longer than I would have if I kept my girls in a run, because when they were on range he was very protective, and I'm pretty sure he could have taken a fox if it came down to it. Unfortunately, he was aggressive with my ducks and turkeys and liked to attack me from behind, so he had to go. Thanks for the heads up, and I'm sorry you got a bad apple.
Sort of... He would fly out of the fenced in area in the morning and would come out at night About eating him... he kind of small.
I love my Polish girl "Gita." I've never had any aggressive behavior come from her. She used to bow down when I said her name knowing I was about to pick her up. Then I got Rue, my Black Cochin bantam (did I say that right?) Now she will have nothing to do with me, she adores him and he worships her.
I'm sure it was the breeding strain. There are tons of great reviews about Polish chickens. Like my BA's; people say they are the most docile chickens ever! Mine were the meanest we had had next to Dominiques.
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